How to Capture Smooth Handheld Footage #Shorts

Landscape Photography Photo Tips – 5 More Better Sunset Photography Tips!

Here are 5 more sunset photography photo tips. They are important, but don’t rate their own articles…

How a Photobooth Can Enhance Special Events

Are you looking for an affordable way to entertain your guests of all ages? Photobooths are a great way to liven up any party. With props and fun gear to wear, all your guests will come home with pictures that night representing all the fun they had at your special event.

Photo Book Versus Photo Albums – Which Is Best?

The photo album was the staple presentation format for photographic prints since film cameras and popular photography took off in the early 1900s. The photographer would use manual light meters and their knowledge of camera settings to capture a moment on film, hoping for a high success rate when depositing their 24 or 36 frame film roll for development. The local photo lab,would take a few days to chemically-process the film, manually correct the colour, and providing photographic prints in specific sizes, generally 6 x 4″ or 8x 6″.

Finding the Right Photographer for Your Wedding Day

Wedding day is considered as the most special day in anyone’s life. You need to decide on various things in order to make your wedding day most memorable even after many years. This mainly includes the choice of wedding photographers who will capture the special moments of that special day.

Tiger Viewing and Photo Safari in India

The Tiger is an iconic symbol of conservation. It is a heavily muscled, powerful predator that stalks and ambushes large prey, camouflaged by its stripy coat. India is one of the most interesting and last remaining countries to view and photograph Tigers in the wild.

Zoo Photography Tips

Taking zoo animal photos could be great, but unfortunately we do not always know the tricks that would turn an ordinary zoo visit into a whole new experience. Just make sure you follow these simple tips to get the best possible results.

Dealing With Friends and Family As a Professional Photographer

There are many challenges in photography and becoming a professional means mastering the technical aspects, then clawing your way through layers of better established competition in order to make a living. When you’re new to photography and gain some skill, your first paying jobs will likely come from family and friends. Those will be the jobs that set your feet on the path of being a professional.

Getting Started In Photography

Doing photography as a living is a dream for many and a reality for a few. Photography is a highly competitive field that is constantly changing and requires dedication and constant study to stay current.

How to Get Started in Bird Photography

How to get started in bird photography. This is a short article with information on equipment needed for beginners.

Why Do We Take Photos?

What is it that drives photographers to take photos? What is it about capturing images that is so appealing to photographers, yet still universal? I have my reasons, and I’ll share them in this article.

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