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What Are the Elements of Great Photography?

Learning the elements of photography from the great photographers is an important lesson for amateur and professional photographers alike. The elements of great photography are no accident, and these simple tips can improve your photography.

What Kind Of Places Make For The Best Landscape Photography?

If you want to take really great landscape photographs then you need to be in the right places to do this. If you want to take great landscapes then read this article.

Composing Your Shot – Some Simple Rules to Make You a Better Photographer

Rules? Really? I know what you’re thinking… you don’t like rules. Well guess what? Neither do I. In the words of Pirates of the Caribbean’s Barbossa they’re more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.

Looking, Seeing, and Looking Again

The photographer often comes upon a scene that has immediate impact. Upon reflection, the photographer decides against the image–only to find a painter or other photographer successfully captured it. This article discusses why that initial seeing should be respected, and the importance of relying on instinct.

21 Picture Ideas for Wedding Photographers

You have decided to give Wedding Photography a go as a way of making some extra cash. However you have never done it before, so what are you going to photograph? This article will get you started with 21 ideas, which will hopefully trigger some more ideas in you.

What You Need To Know To Become A Professional Photographer?

It is the goal of many people to become a professional photographer and a lot of people underestimate what is required to achieve this. It is not just point and click as this article explains.

How Can You Get Wonderful Landscape Photography Prints

Landscape photography is one of the most rewarding pastimes that you can undertake but it requires certain skills to get the best results. This article provides a guide on how you can take great landscapes.

Tips For Becoming A Great Photographer

The photos you take should be unique and spontaneous. Keeping a camera with you all the time is a great way to never miss a shot. Keep in mind you do not have to spend a small fortune on camera equipment for taking along with you. A simple-to-use digital model will work just as well.

Photography Tips – How to Build a Photography Portfolio

Building a photography portfolio can be difficult as you have to get people’s trust in order to start paying you for photography. And how will they know if you are a good photographer if you don’t have a good portfolio? It is kind of like the chicken and the egg analogy.

How Social Networking Has Changed Photography Forever

Social networking and photo sharing websites became the solution. Today, hundreds of millions of internet users worldwide participate by maintaining daily personal and political contacts and blogs, and these communications often include real-time photos. While instant publication provides unlimited opportunity for expression and recognition, it has also created some legal issues.

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