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Different Types Of Photography Accessories

Photographers, no matter what skill level they may be, require certain supplementary components that enhance the process of image capturing. The use of these accessories will assist novice photographers enhance their skills while seasoned photographers will use them to perfect their skills.

What Can I Do After I Learn Photography?

Many people do not consider themselves as creative. However, I would like to disapprove this notion by saying that many of them are simply held back by some kind of fear that brings on worries of failure and disapproval. If you wish to learn photography you will have to shed off any apprehensions and focus on learning this great art form.

Things You Should Know About Your Wedding Album

Congratulations are in order. The two of you have finally decided on that day, the day when you will make vows to each other before God and man.

Combining Tools and Techniques for Photo Retouching

Ever since digital imaging was introduced, retouching of photos has been used for various purposes. Whether the pictures are old or have just been shot recently, they reach the photo editor’s desk. There is nothing morally wrong in the process. Not only the tools but also the techniques also go a long way in bringing the final result.

Having Photos Converted to Canvas Prints

Remember that family photo you took from your regular point-and-shoot digital camera during your last vacation? You can make it an instant work of art without the steep price. You can have your ordinary digital photos converted to canvas prints through various photo printing companies in the malls or even online. This is a great alternative to purchasing expensive and impersonal paintings or other artwork for you to display in your home or office.

How to Avoid Blurry Photographs

This article shares with new photographers reasons why their photographs turned out to be blurry. More importantly, it shares the solutions to overcome this problem so as to start shooting like a professional photographer.

What Is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it is a technique to process photos. Most often 3-5 pictures (taken from the same subject) are processed to HDR and a result is a image with larger range between the lightest and darkest areas of the image. Too bad normal computer screens and monitors can’t render the outcome right way because they are low dynamic range devices, and thus tonemapping is often applied to HDR images.

The Secret Of ‘Advanced’ Composition In Photography

I saw an interesting headline grabber on the cover of a well-known English photography magazine the other day – The Secrets of Advanced Composition. Having taken photographs for what seems like forever and being an avid reader of all things photographic, I felt pretty confident that I knew a fair bit about composition but was certainly intrigued to know ‘The Secret’! Just think, here, in my hands, was the key to photgraphic Valhalla.

Advanced Memory Cards You Can Use

Memory cards, are no doubt, the life of a digital camera. They’re what you use to store the images in your camera similar to the film. The number of images you can take will depend on the storage size of your memory card.

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 500 HS 12.1 MP Camera – Hit or Miss?

Touch screen cameras are becoming more and more popular. One of Canon’s latest devices, the Canon PowerShot ELPH 500 HS, is among the top of the list as far as quality LCD touch screen cameras go. With a list full of features such as 12.1 MP (mega pixels), 4.4x optical zoon, 3.2 inch touch screen panel, and much more, Canon offers quite a lot when it comes to this camera.

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