Hidden Algorithms for Easy Color Correction in Photoshop

An Introduction to Photography Lighting

A three part guide to photography lighting. Presents topics such as hard and soft light, light intensity, and natural vs. artificial light.

Green Screen Photography and Lighting Techniques

Green Screen Photography is mainly about a technique in which the background image of a photo/video is replaced by another image digitally. The technique is named so, because the green color is usually utilized as a backdrop.

Digital Landscape Photography Tips

You will find 3 primary forms of landscape digital photography: Representational, Impressionistic and Abstract. Prior to plunging into a handful of landscape digital photography points, let’s start looking in to these 3 forms.

Bird Digital Photography Tips

If first starting out in wildfowl photographs, you’ll desire a minimum of a telephoto camera lens and a tripod. The telephoto camera lens must have a focal length of close to 300mm or maybe more. The more the focal length, the further you’re able to be away from wild birds whenever taking pictures of them.

Editing and Printing Digital Photographs

A primary benefit of digital photography is that a person may make modifications to images prior to printing as well as exhibiting. There are lots of software applications that will permit you to achieve this, some photograph album applications enable easy touch ups, whilst more advanced applications provide more diversified enhancing freedom and much more high quality outcomes. The vast majority of applications offer help options coupled with guides to help you with these procedures plus more…

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Photographic Skills

Always remember that photography is an art. Using your artistic skills in a creative and precise way when shooting images can allow you an awesome advantage. Think about the boring and uneventful photos you mat have seen in ads and other published material. Making your photos stand out above the rest is the way you can be most successful in selling them fast and frequently.

Can Photographers Make Money?

Money from photography? Is it possible, even in these economic times? Even when everyone you meet has a camera? Well this article will let you into that secret, well-kept by the photographers already doing it.

4 Top Digital Photography Tips

You can create excellent images using a basic disposable camera, or alternatively take awful images with one of the most highly-priced Canon. It isn’t the digital camera that creates stunning photos; it is the photo taker. With a bit of understanding along with a determination to make a change every now and again, you may force super pictures from the most basic photographic camera. To assist you toward excellent photo creation, here are some points which will allow you to capture them as a professional

Digital Pet Photography Tips

Acquiring pictures of one’s dog or cat is usually quite fulfilling and also enjoyable if you actually understand you’re undertaking. These Eleven family pet digital photography points are designed with helping you to enhance the level of quality of one’s family pet snap shots, no matter if you’re performing it for enjoyment or looking to go into a profitable animal digital photography enterprise.

Five Elements of a Great Photograph

As a photographer, it’s incredibly important to know what makes a great picture. Just having a nice camera and fancy tools isn’t enough to really make it in this industry anymore. Knowing what to look for and honing in on those specific things can help you capture truly unique, personal, and in the moment images that will hopefully help to set you apart from your peers. Here’s just a few things that I look for during my sessions.

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