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Exploring Important Legal Aspects About Selling Your Stock Photos

Every photographer should have knowledge about property releases and how to obtain them. This is especially true for the photographer taking photos of people. A property release is a legal form releasing the rights of ownership of the person in a photo. This is a common practice for many models who make their living posing for advertisement images.

Things That Models Should Know About Stock Photography

If and when the photographer sells from their stock photography, they don’t always know the intentions of how, where, and when it will be commercially used. The model will be aware that they are being booked for stock photography, so they should be aware of the pros and cons just in case no one informs them about why they should use caution in accepting this type of modeling booking during their career.

Tips to Follow When Doing Landscape Photography

One of the best things that you can take a photograph of is nature. Nature has a lot of beautiful things and sceneries to offer and we can best capture this through taking pictures so that we may always remember our experience. At the same time, we can also share this experience with the people that we know and help others appreciate its beauty as well.

Finally a Decent Camera That Takes Sharp Photos

I purchased a new digital camera because I was very displeased with my low end quick shot camera. I did extensive photo tests with both cameras because I felt the Canons overall sharpness was much better than the quick shot.

How To Make Money As A Photographer

A little extra income might be found in photography. Its popularity is currently sweeping the globe. With some basic knowledge and dash of creativity, one can turn a hobby into an income generating scheme.

The Pentax 14mm Lens Review – Wide-Angle Prime Lens for Pentax DSLR

The Pentax 14mm is a wide-angled lens with elegance, simplicity and durability. It provides extraordinary focus as well as high and sharp imagery contrast. The lens itself is very light when compared to its counterparts and probably is the lightest of the lot. The imagery is best suited for wide angle photography like landscapes, buildings and large groups. This ultra wide lens is specifically designed for Pentax Digital SLR with 1.5x crop factor.

The Six Best Hints for Looking Great in Pictures

Not everyone looks good in pictures, but they can. The tips in this article will show you how to put your best face forward for pictures that you will be proud of.

Basic Photography – What Is ISO?

Have you ever been browsing through your cameras’ menu and noticed something called ISO and just ignored it because you didn’t know what it was for? Well, in this article we will explain what ISO is and how to use it to your benefit when taking pictures.

3 Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Portrait Business

Advertising your new portrait business does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to get the word out with very little money, and in some cases, free!

Which Camera?

I usually like to use prime lenses for most of my stuff – less (or no) distortions, sharper, faster…why bother with zooms? Primes also help you take better pictures, in my opinion…really working to get the right composition and crop manually, on your feet…this helps…

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