Getting Started with the Wacom Intuos Pro: How to Set Up for Photoshop

Moving Images Part Three: Point and Shoot?

You don’t need a lot of expensive gear to make a great family legacy video. And you don’t need to worry about how to get it to all your family members; we have the internet “cloud” for that. Here’s about all you need to know about video equipment.

Keeping the Best Moments Alive Forever

Videography is the best way to keep the best Moment alive forever. Some of us take it as wasting of money and time, but in reality it is more worthy and very affordable, you just need to choose right experts. Here is how you can make the moment unforgettable.

The Trick to Getting an Unexpected Image

Award winning photographer shares tips for how to take a photograph from a different viewpoint to create a stunning image of a common item or place. You will also start to see your world differently, finding new and exciting photographic choices.

How to Make Your Own Action in Photoshop

Creating an action in Photoshop is a way of speeding up your workflow when you often repeat the exact same actions. This guide will help you create your own.

The Making of a High Quality Photograph Scan

In the past, resolution was a great indicator of scanned image quality, as the technology just wasn’t up to snuff. “More is better” was the rule, and more was very expensive.

How to Book More Photography Clients at Higher Prices

Are you frustrated that your photography customers are only bothered about price? Do they never call you back when you send them a price list? This article is all about how to handle telephone calls and emails to ensure that you book more clients at higher prices.

Contemporary Imagery In Antique Picture Frames

A very pleasant fact about antique picture frames is that they have so many different uses. When well chosen, they can be used for all kinds of imagery, from the staid to the startling, and fit in with all kinds of interior decoration schemes.

Quirky And Unusual Glass Picture Frames

There is something about the technological skill and the sense of artistic freedom that glass picture frames convey that encourages people to experiment with highly unusual designs. Some of these turn out to be quirky, others are breathtakingly beautiful, while yet others combine elements of the two.

Weddings Ever After – The Modern Couple’s Guide To Getting A Creative Wedding Photographer

You don’t have to pay way too much to enjoy wedding pictures that you want these days. With the help of a wedding photographer who knows and understands your preferences, you’ll most certainly get the pictures you’ll enjoy looking at through the years.

Why Professional Photographers Do Not Give Customers All the Files?

This is an explanation given to answer one of the most frequently asked question. Many customers struggle to understand why photographers are resistant to give up all row files they have after the photo-shoot. An article details all the reasoning behind.

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