FUJIFILM X-T4: First Impressions and Hands-on Review

Putting A Frame On This Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to have some fun. Don’t forget to capture as many of the memories as you can with your camera. But what do you do after that? Send them to social media to be forgotten about?

Consider These Points On Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

It is only normal that you would want to be able to remember every detail of the most important day of your life. The best possible way to do this is to get it on film. The choice becomes very difficult with the advancement in technology and the changing trends.

Ways by Which You Can Achieve the Best Wedding Photography

A wedding can never be complete without photographs. Couples end up spending a major chunk of money on their wedding photos. Since these photographs help people think back and cherish the most important moment of their lives, couples usually are ready to spend a fortune and keep aside a huge budget for photographs alone.

What To Do With Your First Photo Book?

People around the world have been bitten by this “photography bug” and suddenly everyone’s getting better in capturing memorable photographs. Now, every person has a camera in their own mobile phones or in their side pockets.

Why Photography Is Seen As an Art

When it comes to taking photos, we all know that it is an art. Photography is seen as art, because you can capture so many beautiful things on camera, from nature, to human emotion.

Get A Great Wedding Album With The Right Wedding Photographer

Photography is every wedding’s integral part. Photography is the way you can capture the moments of your wedding in a beautiful way. Only a good professional can help you get photos that narrate your wedding’s story. Hence, photography deserves some investment. However, spending money only will not make sure that you will get great pictures. You should work a bit hard to find the right photographer who understands your tastes and captures all the special moments. This article lists down the factors you should consider when searching for a professional wedding photographer for your big day.

Social Media and Importance of Aerial Videos in Real Estate Deals

Luxury bungalows, villas, houses, tourist lodges and hotels among others who wish to attract quality tourist traffic or tenants must invest in a good and professional photography firm. High quality videos and pictures of the property taken both from the ground and sky can help your property stand out in the crowd.

Career in Wedding Photography

Gone are the days when traditional careers like engineering, medicine and government positions were regarded as the most suitable and secure ones for youngsters. A multitude of new career options have surfaced these days, including music, painting, theatre, dance and other art forms. Photography is one such art that is rapidly gaining foothold as an excellent career option.

Message Vs Technicality: What Makes A Good Photograph?

Photography, at its rawest form, is something all of us can really enjoy. From the youngster who wants to take snapshots of his favorite pet to a centenarian smiling for his 101st birthday. Photographs not only capture moments but also memories.

How To Make Your Instagram Photo Look Great

In this digital age, everyone is a professional photographer or at least things that they are or should be. If you’re one of those creative individuals who loves using his Smartphone to take pictures, then you might fit into this category.

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