FUJIFILM X-S10 | Hands-on Review

Understanding Histograms – The Proverbial Penny Finally Drops

Histograms are useful for photographers, IF you know how to make sense of them. They can be tricky for new photographers to comprehend. Discover the 5 quick tests that I used to help me understand Histograms and how to interpret them to determine whether my photos were correctly exposed or not.

Choosing A Bridge Camera Vs A Proper DSLR

Having owned both a Bridge Camera and a proper DSLR, I know there are instances where it would make more sense to avoid the intermediate purchase of the Bridge Camera and plump for a more flexible DSLR. However, there is one main reason I can think of for choosing a Bridge Camera, instead of a DSLR.

How I Learnt To Use The Main Features Of A DSLR Camera

Modern DSLR cameras are so sophisticated it can seem daunting for a new photographer to fathom out how to take control and use it properly in full manual mode. This is an account of how I learnt to use the main features of my two DSLR cameras. I don’t consider myself a professional photographer, but with what I’ve learnt, I feel far more confident about attending an advanced photography course and being able to get stuck in straight away, without having to muddle along not knowing how to work my camera properly. Get the camera know-how out of the way, and then you’ll be able to focus on learning the creative skills these advanced courses offer. That’s what this article tackle: getting to grips with the main features of a DSLR.

Create Your Own Online Photography Lesson Business

Photography is your passion. Your idea of a perfect day is heading outside on a beautiful day to take pictures of the sunset, the trees, wildlife, or the amazing cityscape where you live.

5 Essential Aspects to Consider While Hiring Wedding Photographers

Over the last few years, it’s been a trend for individuals to hire photographers to capture their event, be it birthday parties, weddings, baby shower or an annual get together. Sure, most people have a camera but that doesn’t necessarily make them a great professional in this field. It takes years of practice to get to a respectable level of expertise where one can showcase their pictures with pride.

Flash Photography: Taking Photos With Vs Without Flash (A.K.A. Speedlights)

Do you really need to use flash when modern, sophisticated DSLR cameras allow you to bump up the ISO setting for improved performance in low light? Can you get away with the pop-up flash, or should one invest in an external flash? Discover the three settings on your DSLR that will help your camera perform better in low light. Plus… what’s with all the bouncing?

Find Out How To Take Better Pictures

Taking a good photo isn’t as easy as pointing your camera in the right button. You have to learn how to choose the proper lighting and the right vantage point. More importantly, you also have to have a keen understanding of how to use all your picture taking equipment. Following are several strategies that you can use to increase your prowess.

7 Traits Every Wedding Photographer Must Possess

It’s not every day that you hire a wedding photographer which why it’s imperative to choose one who will be able to make your special day even more memorable. Before you embark on your quest to find the right one, you need to understand that there is a difference between a good professional in this field and an amazing professional.

An Insight Into Camera Lenses

Every camera lens has its own particular attributes and component with unmistakable favorable position and weakness over others. By adapting more about how camera lenses separate over each other, we become acquainted with how to apply the right camera lens agreeing the circumstance and requests.

4 Commonly Asked Questions Before Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Always envisioned getting hitched to the one you adore on wonderful white sands while you can hear the waves tenderly lapping behind you? The idea of an island wedding is a famous one, and in case you’re recently engaged with then, it is certain to be something you’ve discussed, however, numerous individuals have this false assumption that arranging this kind of ceremony on an island can blow their savings completely. If you do get hitched on an island, you will cherish the moment for years to come. What’s more, your wedding pictures will come out great with the backdrop of never-ending ocean and stunning beaches.

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