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Introduction to HDR Photography

HDR, a New Kind of Artistic Photography. What is HDR Photography. The Theory Behind HDR Photography. How Collecting Data for HDR Photographs How to Post Processing HDR Photos.

How To Take Great Twitter Pics

People often base their first impressions on visual triggers like pictures. Being on any social networking sites these days means taking great pictures so you can get many likes and many friends, old and new to follow you. It is therefore important to learn how to take great pictures and make that great first impression if you intend to have a great social life or any kind of life for that matter.

Special Effects Photography – The Camera Shutter Speed As A Creative Tool

There are a number of tools at a photographer’s disposal. Shutter speed is just one of them. Using the camera shutter speed as a creative tool can help you enhance the photographs that you take as well as open up new worlds of possibility.

Finding The Best Free Photo Editing Software

Trying to find the best free photo editing software? Please don’t ignore open-source and also no cost image editing software programs.

Photography Effect – The Classic Bokeh Look

Bokeh is the idea of having blurred images that enhance the quality of the main subject of a picture. There are a number of different methods that one can employ to achieve the ideal Bokeh look. By creating some out-of-focus areas within an image will place more emphasis on the key subject of the picture.

Executive Portrait Photography

Corporate and executive portraits needn’t be dull and boring. Some portrait photographers offer executive portrait packages that will provide you with an edgy, modern image for use on your CV, your paperwork, website and business cards. Headshots come in many different styles and finishes, from black and white to softened edges. You may want a traditional portrait that embodies an attribute of your company or your own business ethos, or you may need a contemporary image to reflect your style and personality.

Tips for Portrait Photography Sessions

Booking a portrait photography session can be both exciting and nerve-wracking! You want to come away with a fantastic set of pictures for the money you’ve spent, but if you’re not comfortable or used to being in front of the camera, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your portrait photography…

Check Out Different Photo Albums And Gift Wonderful Memories

Photo albums are the best way of wrapping up memories and gifting them to people you love. So, one should try to find the right type of albums that are suited for different celebrations and enjoy their times.

Photo Realistic Rendering: Making It Real

The process of photo realistic rendering is that in which artists make use of photographs of a specific subject so that they may be able to create digital images that look like realistic photographs. In other words, photorealism allows people to create images that look like actual photographs of certain things when in fact, they were simply made through computer programs and software. It is believed to stem from what is simply known as photorealism where paintings are produced by using photographs and cameras to gather visual information of a subject.

Wedding Albums Vs Online Albums

Wedding albums are the more traditional way of showcasing wedding photos, however the current trend is moving towards posting them online instead. This trend could lead to lots of lost photos and memories if technology moves on like it has done in the past.

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