Fire Text Effect with The Flame Generator [Photoshop Tutorial]

Is a Wedding the Right Place to Take a Camera Harness?

These days, weddings are becoming more and more casual. It was just the other day I went to a wedding where everyone was casually dressed. There was a burger bar for the food and everyone treated it like a back yard barbeque rather than a formal affair. Of course, this is not typical of weddings; however, it illustrates the point that they are much more laid back than they used to be.

Bridal Make-Up Tips That Look Good for Wedding Photography

Make-up can do wonders for making a woman’s face beautiful and refreshed during her wedding. It can also highlight more the beauty of a woman who is already endowed with a beautiful face. A woman should look good on her wedding.

On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone

Perhaps one of the most talented and well-recognized photographers of this century is Annie Leibovitz. Her style is unmistakable and her pictures are works of art. She is living proof that photographers are artists, with a great example of this being her 1980 photograph of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Anna-Lou Liebovitz was born on October 2nd, 1949 in Waterbury, Connecticut but as the daughter…

Photography Basics: Compact Flash Cards and Digital Memory Cards

In the past five years, we have experienced some form of photographic boom. With technological advances, cameras like the Canon digital cameras and accessories that used to cost much like the Nikon camera battery now cost as little as any other small scale gadget. What this has done is give rise to the creativity of millions who always wanted to take up photography as something that’s a bit more than a hobby, but could not because the equipment cost too much.

3 Beginners Photography Tips That Will Help To Emphasize Your Main Subject!

In most cases, a photograph comes to life when it contains one point of interest. When you have chosen your main subject, there are digital photography tricks that can put it into prominence. By ‘tricks’, I am not referring to post shop alteration in Photoshop. I mean that choosing your viewpoint and composition thoughtfully and carefully, when shot, will greatly enhance the power of your image. Here are 3 ideas that will help.

Digital Macro Photography – Tips for Beginners

Easy to follow macro photography tips. These tips are ideal for the beginner photographer.

Professional Photography Business Tips – 7 Things to Consider When Hiring Marketing Support

All photography businesses need sales and marketing to be successful. Some marketing gurus suggest that you should spend as much as 40% -50% of your time working on your business doing things like marketing as you spend working in your business doing the thing you do. If you are already busy then obviously you will need to contract that work out to someone else.

What Makes For Good Photos?

A common question I hear quite often is: “Your photos are amazing, what camera do I need to upgrade to, to take photos which are as good?” The answer to this is generally (I say generally, because some will depend on whether you already own a Digital SLR) simple. It is not only about the quality of camera you have, but equally about the way you as a photographer prepare for the photo and the way you set up.

Is The Canon Rebel T3i A Legitimate Upgrade

Canon has been releasing new Rebel Cameras every year, pretty much on clock-work. Is the newest version necessary? Or is it just a camera that they produced to stay on production schedule?

Discover How to Make $300 a Week With Your Digital Camera

Selling your photos online is a great and untapped way to make an extra income. The special thing about selling your photos online is that it is very easy! It’s as simple as, well, taking a picture!

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