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Do You Remember the Alamo? An Important Lesson in Basic Photography Is Learned

A couple of years ago some friends and I drove to San Antonio to see what we could find. Do you remember the Alamo? Naturally, my camera was always at hand, ready for the clicking.

What Should I Wear in My Fine Family Portrait?

Trying to figure out what your family will wear in a family portrait is a difficult situation. This article will give you guidance that will help.

Making Panoramic Images Using Photo-Stitching Programs

Find out how to get great results using photo-stitching programs. Digital photography has opened up interesting new ways to present images. Photo-stitching can be used to make clear wide-angle views of scenery, or add surreal effects to your panoramas.

6 Trends in Modern Family Photography

Do you want your family photos to reflect your family’s style? Today’s families are using custom photography to tell a story with their family photos. Families are trending away from the chain photography studio shots and opting for more casual, documentary style photos. These photos can often show off your family’s personality and allow everyone to feel more at ease during the session. Check out these top trends in today’s modern family photos.

Avoiding Red Eyes in Photos

Taking pictures with a digital camera is very fascinating and not having to worry about a film running out is another plus point. However, digital photography has its own drawbacks. The user must understand the basics to produce decent photos worth the most prized digital camera. We try our best to educate our readers with these small yet important details. One of the nooks associated with photography is of…

The Beauty of Smoke Pictures

When you look at smoke photos you might think that it is impossible to take such shots but it’s actually not that hard. You just need to be patient because the ratio of good images to bad ones is pretty low. You will need a proper setup to photograph smoke. This form of photography is done indoors so it is a good way to kill time when you’re stuck inside. It doesn’t only kill time, it can be pretty fulfilling at the same time. Do not let the setup scare you away because you will only need cheap household products. The only expensive equipment is your camera and flash.

A Brief Guide to Camera Supports

As any photographer will inform you, keeping your camera stable is of up most importance if you want to take sharp images. Now many photographers will be able to hand hold their camera and lens combinations steady enough to get the photo they are after, but those who can not or those who need long exposure times will find that this is where good support comes in very handy, and we have to rely on support from inanimate objects, like monopods, tripods or bean bags.

Senior Portraits, Top Six Things to Consider When Selecting a Photographer

Senior Portraits, six essential things you need to know before hiring your photographer. What to look for and what to avoid. A must read for parents of high school junior or the students themselves!

Portrait Photography – How to Take Great Shots

In my opinion the greatest medium for capturing a person’s character is through photography. It may seem odd to say a single shot can capture character while only capturing the moment, but done well it will tell you more about the person than any other medium without prejudicing your views through hearing them etc.

Green Screen Backdrop – How to Use It?

A green or blue backdrop is used for the creation of bottom layer. This layer is used to replace one image with another according to one’s own preference. There are many industries and domains where this technology is used. The most common of all is weather forecast.

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