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How To Make Sure Your US Passport Photos Pass First Time!

Few people enjoy having their passport photographs taken. Here are some hints and tips about how to get US Passport Photos that comply with all the regulations.

A Quick Tip To Professional Photographers

Regardless of how many shoots you have under your belt, or how much experience you have, Murphy’s Law will jump out and surprise you! There are many things that we can do to protect ourselves in the event of a shoot gone bad, but hopefully most of them can be solved with a quick phone call! During a recent shoot, I had a malfunction with my camera.

How To Prepare And Protect Your Camera In Winter

Winter is fast approaching and as always, many people are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with their friends and loved ones. Naturally, picture-taking will be one of the most frequent activities during this season as families get together to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year.

How To Securely Delete Your Digital Photos

Back when cameras used film it was quite easy to delete photos: you would literally burn the handful of prints you’d made along with the negatives. But with the advent of digital photographs it’s a lot more difficult. But there are still times when you want to ensure that no-one else gets a look at the photos you’ve taken.

Digital Cameras Fit For Teenagers

What are teens made of today? Smartphones, tablets, social media, apps and not to forget, the digital camera — these are the things most popular among them today.

Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Lifestyle portrait photography offers an alternative to stuffy or repetitive studio photography, allowing you to create pictures full of life and personality in your own home or a place close to your heart. Studio portrait photography isn’t for everyone – sometimes it’s hard to relax in an unfamiliar environment, especially when you have an expensive camera pointed at you! Having a portrait photography session in a studio also limits you to one or two backdrops, usually plain, and a few accessories or props that can give a staged feel to your images.

Wedding Photographers and Venues, Leicestershire

A huge aspect of creating beautiful wedding photos is providing your wedding photographer with the right backdrop. If you’re getting married in Leiecestershire, you’re spoilt for choice for stunning and unique venues which will give you a great atmosphere for your wedding pictures. Most wedding photographers working in Leicestershire should be familiar with popular wedding venues in the area, and will probably have attended weddings there in the past. They should, therefore, already have an idea of the best locations for wedding photos and be able to guide you through a suggested shot list before your big day.

The Matte Box: An Indispensable Tool for Filmmakers

Those who are in the profession of still photography must know what a DSLR matte box is. It’s a tool generally used to block sun rays or any other source from which light can enter inside the camera. Matte boxes carry out the similar function as lens hood

Enhance The Way You Shoot Stills With Your DSLR Rig

In recent years, many DSLR cameras featured with high-quality HD video have been launched in the market to diversify the requisites of customers looking for manual control, focusing options and extended frame rates. Digital single lens reflex cameras have transformed the approach of independent film-making.

Getting To Know An Intervalometer

The world indeed is a beautiful place that has numerous beautiful sights, some natural while some man-made. With photography it is now possible to capture this beauty with a camera.

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