Fifty Years Photographing the Galapagos Islands with Tui De Roy | OPTIC 2021

Tips for Photographing Fireworks

Everyone loves a great fireworks show and it seems that lots of people take pictures while they are at the show. Here is a question for you. How many great pictures of fireworks have you seen taken by any of your friends or relatives?

A Quick Review of the Nikon D7000

The Nikon D7000 features plenty of upgrades from the older D90 that it replaces. Its design and some of the key features are compared with its closest rival the Canon 60D in this discussion. There are many advantages to the D7000 than meets the eye.

A Brief Overview of the Features of the Canon 550

For all entry level photography enthusiasts one camera is always going to be at the top of the wish list and that is the Canon 500 or the rebel T2i as it is also known in North America. It combines the rarity of the price of an entry level DSLR with features borrowed from some of Canon’s pricier semi-pro bodies. This gives users not only the chance to buy an entry level DSLR but also enjoy the features that are usually found in the semi-pro cameras.

A First Hand Review of the Leica X2 Digital Camera

The Leica X2 digital camera is truly a blessing for those serious photographers who want to shoot using a larger sensor and yet do not want to get too intimidating for their subjects. The Leica X2 digital camera has been born out of the demand for a compact camera that uses a larger sensor such as an entry level DSLR and yet be fitted inside a body that resembles a compact point and shoot camera. The Leica X2 digital camera was released back in May 2012.

Share Pictures Instantly – Free Photo Sharing Websites

There are many free photo sharing websites one can come across. It takes time sometimes to review all the pictures available online that are kept public, but not in the case of photo sharing sites because these sites are user friendly and anyone can understand easily. Many sites will cost you if you want to share pictures, but there are many free photo sharing websites.

Photography Tips For Beginners – A Simple Guide

Photography is a fun hobby. It lets you capture special moments and make them last forever. It also lets you create amazing photographs with different techniques.

Photo Tip – Breaking The Portrait Photography Rules With A “Split Light” Pattern!

In most cases you will not want to have the subject facing straight on to the camera. But, sometimes you DO! Using a “split light” pattern can help. Here is how…

Photography From Cameras To Smart Phones

Photography has come a long way over the past few decades. When I was a kid I remember we had to put in film rolls into the camera every time we plan to go out on a picnic. And with each new film roll we could only take 34 to 50 pictures. Then the rolls were sent to the studio in order to get the film strips developed into photographs. The entire process took a couple of days before the pictures get ready for you to check them out. And if you weren’t unable to finish the film roll at one event, you had to wait for another event to take pictures so that you could finish the roll and have it developed. Even with so much trouble, those times we fun.

The Toronto Photography Scene

The Toronto photography scene is full of young and upcoming new Canadian photographers, and there are many ways to get involved in this exciting area of Toronto culture. One way is by visiting one of the many photography galleries in Toronto.

Chinese Dissident Artist Ai Weiwei Exhibits in Paris at Jeu De Paume Museum

Retrospective exhibition of Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei at the Jeu de Paume Museum in Paris. The exhibition presents a wide ranging collection of a variety of photo projects dating back to his student days in New York City up through his most recent telephone camera images which he uploads to twitter to get around the efforts of the Chinese government to prevent his often critical statements from reaching a larger public.

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