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5 Creative Ways To Personalise Your Canvas Prints

Have you ever considered unearthing your most breathtaking photos and transforming them into stunning canvas prints for you or your friends and family? It never used to be possible, but with revolutionary canvas art techniques you now have the opportunity to take your photos – even those from disposable cameras and camera phones – off Facebook (!) and to display them on the wall where they will be seen and admired every single day!

Discover the Features and Benefits of the GE X500

The new GE X500 is just as powerful as it is easy to use. All of the most up-to-date digital technology is built right into the camera. They include a 16 Megapixel sensor, 15x zoom, low-light 3200 ISO capacity and the functionality of the High Dynamic Range feature. You are allowed to get close and unleash your artistic enthusiasm with the GE Power Series Cameras like the GE X500, which is an award winner from Plus X for ease of use, design and high quality.

What Is Virtual Tour Photography

A virtual tour is basically an application that can be use online or offline, which will be able to complement a person to have a very good idea about the location, site or scene he views. The most important fact about virtual tour is that the customer will get a complete 360 degree view of the place as if he or she is actually at the scene.

Personal Photography

There are many types of photography, some types not as glamorous as other types. I could use up a couple paragraphs just listing them all but since there only a couple that interest me I won’t. But let me tell you about the type I enjoy the most…

Product Hype: Has Nikon Gone Too Far?

Nikon is notorious for delaying the release of products to build up hype in the digital photography community. But has the recent continuous delay of the D800 release pushed the boundaries of hype into a joke?

How to Create the Perfect Camera Exposure

Sometimes it is not enough to take one perfect shot. Digital cameras have a way to instantly review images. The LCD screen is great for this purpose. Despite having the screen at their disposal, however, professional photographers’ often adopt the technique of bracketing.

Knowing Your Camera Settings

I have always been fascinated with photography, and how it gives an inside look into people and animals in their natural habitat. The old saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” has never been more true when you are talking about photography. The great thing about photography is there are so many different area to explore.

Why The Canon Rebel EOS T3i Was On My Christmas Wish List!

Christmas came early for me this year when my wife bought me a Canon Rebel EOS for my birthday. I am not a camera expert, but rather, I’m a busy dad who likes to take pictures and this is my amateur’s point of view on the Canon camera As a typical male I threw out the menu first then tried figuring out the functions, however the canon surprised me with its simplicity and easy to navigate the menu. The Canon Rebel EOS T3i is very forgiving and I was pleasantly surprised with the following aspects…

How to Choose a Camera

With so many cameras in the market today, it is easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the right one for you. If you have no idea about what to get, you can easily be dazzled by the features and styles that are being aggressively promoted.

4 Simple Tips For Selling Stock Photos

Selling your photos to stock photography web sites is one way to pick up some cash to help support your habit. Here are a few guidelines to help you get started making money with stock photography.

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