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Photo Manipulation – Seeing Is Believing

Photo manipulation has made editing almost like a forensic science. This is because a keen eye can detect where the realism ends and manipulation begins. Eventually, seeing believes. In an era where scores of images are manipulated, the buck stops at the editor. He will either get the bouquets or brickbats. How a fake is exposed.

Controlling Aperture and Shutter Speed on an Entry Level Point-And-Shoot Digital Camera

Hi there! You know, one of the most common questions I get asked about digital photography is how to control the aperture and shutter speed. As more experienced photographers will tell you, aperture and shutter speed are fundamental to taking good photos and are concepts every enthusiast will need to master.

3 Things You Need To Know About White Balance

In my work with budding photographers, I find that one of the least used aspects of their camera toolkit is… guess what? White balance controls. I think the use of white balance in photography should be stepped up. Too many photographers ignore the power of those white balance settings – to the detriment of their photographs.

The Importance of Authorized Sellers For Professional Camera Equipment

Savvy consumers put in ample time and research to find the best deals on products, whether that be in store or online. They clip coupons (or search for online versions), they check with multiple stores, hunt down sites with free shipping, and read countless customer reviews before swiping that credit card. And for all their hard efforts, they usually walk away with top brands and a few extra bucks in their pockets.

Sony A55 – A Perfect Option for Budding Photographers

Many of the budding photographers of today’s age don’t really like the idea of buying entry level namesake DSLRs, and refrain from investing a fortune in the top of the line variants. This is fairly understandable as entry level DSLRs often fail to deliver many of the key features photographers need while investing big bucks in something apart from major issues of life is also not feasible by many. This leads to a continual hunt for a suitable mid-range DSLR camera.

Why You Should Buy Canon T3i Instead Of Canon T2i

You are not sure whether to buy Canon T3i or its predecessor, the Canon T2i. Don’t worry, read on and you will know which model you should buy and also where to look for the cheapest and steepest discount to buy your camera.

Review of the 5 Best Stock Photography Sites to Sell Your Photos

Stock photography sites are the old school type sites where photos are licensed for fees ranging from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. They are primarily the domain of truly professional photographers and the screening process for photographer acceptance can be both tedious and time consuming.

Learn About Photographic Choices Using Microstock

These types of pictures can be found in a variety of locations online and are not available in the printed format. When you are looking for pictures for your website or online advertising, you might choose one of the many that are available in this category. By using one of these, you will receive the photo in digital form and be allowed to use it per your agreement with the site.

Tips For Making The Most Of Your Website And Ad Images

The professional photographer and designer most likely has cameras and accessories for awesome photos and imagery. Many of these same designers might choose to spend time looking through stock photos for a client’s website or advertisement. Keep in mind shooting your own photos for usual additions you will not find anywhere else.

Learn the Features and Benefits of Having an Extra Sony Camera Battery on Your Trips

If you are an owner of a Sony Cyber-Shot camera, then you should know the significance of having the correct accessories. The battery is one such accessory. In this article you will find the Sony NP-BG1 battery being examined. You will get a concise view of what to expect from the Sony NP-BG1 Battery. Known worldwide for their products for technological advancement, Sony will not only give you products that are attractive but also products that are unique. Their digital camera is one such product.

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