Easily Remove Strong Color Casts in Photoshop

Photoblogging 101

People from all different walks of life are photoblogging and for a variety of reasons. Some are amateurs, others professionals, and still others are somewhere in between. All in all, people around the world like to be connected, get feedback, and share ideas and photoblogging is a great way to accomplish this. Read on for additional information and ideas about starting your own photoblog.

Children’s Photography and Family Photography

Beautiful vintage children photographs. Things that bring me, and you back to our favorite memories; kids playing with things that stimulate their imagination, running while rolling a tire, crawling under a wheel barrow, smelling the flowers, studying a grasshopper and stretching their imagination rather than playing a video game.

Making A Living In Photography

Waiting for the Air Force to decide whether they’re going to launch an Atlas 5 rocket or not is a good opportunity to get to know your fellow photographers. At some point it’s inevitable that the conversation will turn to how hard it is to make money in photography. The usual topics are disappearing markets, lower income, more competition.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Camera

This article will give you 5 things you should consider before deciding on buying a digital camera. From type, model, and quality here is 5 things you should consider before you purchase a digital camera. This article will help you decide on some of the elements of buying a digital camera.

Wedding Photography – Ideas For Taking Outdoor Wedding Photos

Outdoor wedding photography requires a specific know how. Your photographer must be able to see the potentials and drawbacks to a specific photography venue.

My First 3 Years As a Wedding Photographer – Lessons Learned

Wow, it’s been a roller coaster ride for me in the last 3 years. As well as holding down a full time job as a marketing manager I’ve also been building up my wedding and portrait photography business. Whilst it’s been very challenging juggling the two elements in my life, it’s also been richly rewarding, and I’ve learned some very valuable lessons. So what advice would I offer other like-minded photographers looking to build a career in social photography?

How to Get Experience As a Wedding Photographer

It seems like a viscous circle right? You can’t get work without experience and you cant get experience without doing the work. But you need to remember just how important wedding photography is to our customers.

Photo Editing Using Digital Backdrops

By having digital backdrops, one could now do a lot of creative stuff with photos. One can place a picture of someone, including oneself, to different places. One may choose to photograph oneself in the room and change the room’s background to Ancient Greece, San Francisco, or even the moon’s surface.

Destination Photography – Through the Eyes of a Wedding Photographer

As a professional wedding photographer, the most challenging assignments are those that require working as a destination wedding photographer. It is also a challenge to the wedding planners and the couple, as everything is out of the country (mostly) and there are millions of things that can go wrong.

How To Pack Your Digital Camera And Accessories When Traveling

Travel opportunities are always great to grab as they give you a time to visit different places. Whether it’s part of your job, business or a planned vacation, traveling can be a fun and enriching experience particularly for those who love to take lots of photos of people and places. But before you head on to your destination, it is a must to prepare your things including your digital cameras and accessories.

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