Easily Create Selections with The Object Finder in Photoshop #shorts

Man VS Woman – How To Become A Better Photographer

Having the best digital equipment is not the answer to the question: How to become a better photographer? There is one major difference between man and woman that makes the female a better photographer. This article discusses the basic issue of learning photography.

Did That Photography Contest Just Steal Your Photographs?

Photography contests can be a great way to promote your photography business. Your images could wind up on prestigious websites, in magazines, or in publications that are sent to photo buyers all over the globe. I enter contests for this very reason, but I carefully look at the rights I’m giving away.

Buying A New DSLR Camera For Beginners – Excellent Choices Abound

Getting into the DSLR camera market? You could not have chosen a better time. This article explains why this is a great time to be a new DSLR camera buyer.

Beginner Digital Photography Tips for Camera Excellence

Learning digital photography tips as a beginner is a lot like learning a new sport. You must first acquaint yourself with the movements and foundational aspects of what you are learning before you can reach any level of success.

Better Fall Photos in a Few Easy Steps

Fall is upon us and that means it time to take some memorable foliage photos. Professional photographers, using high-end equipment have produced breathtaking views of fall, but if you do your homework and follow these simple steps you can do the same even with a modest camera.

5 Benefits of Joining a Photography Forum – 5 Things to Look For

If you’re a professional or enthusiast photographer it can be tough to know where to spend your online time in a way that will most benefit your business and advance your knowledge at the same time. One type of online environment that offers this ability is joining a photography forum.

Tips for Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

A lot of brides are concerned about how they will look in their wedding pictures. That’s why they try their best to achieve the look they want for their big day( i.e. going to the salon, getting a facial, exercising). Did you know that aside from health and beauty tips, there are other things you can do to look your best in wedding photos?

Helpful Tips For Digital Disposable Cameras For Weddings, Parties and Underwater Use

Did you know disposable cameras could be reused? The earliest cameras that hit the market were film types. The entire camera would be brought back to where it was purchased where they would open it, remove and process the film. The resulting photos were virtually indistinguishable from photos taken with a regular camera.

Social Media and Guest Snapshots

When you think of the memories you’ll have and share of your special day, thoughts of your professionally done wedding portraits should be at the forefront of your mind. What you may not think of immediately is guest snapshots; the in-the-moment pictures your friends and family quickly snap up while shaking a leg on the dance floor. Although these images can be beautiful and full of life, and many argue add a degree of personality to any photo album, they’re not likely to catch your better side or portray your Aunt’s bright yellow party dress in the best lighting conditions….

Sony A55 and Think Tank Photo Camera Bag – Total Camera Equipment Solution

Sony has set the bar a notch higher with the launch of its latest SLT Alpha A55 or simply the Sony A55. It is a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera with interchangeable lens.

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