Duane Michals: Beyond the Annotated Portrait | #BHDoF 2022

Pick Your Flowers For Your Pictures: Another Photography Tip

My mother is a great gardener and every year our yard bursts with colors. I try to capture the beauty and all of my moms hard work in my pictures. One year I thought of a way to make my flower portraits better. I will tell you how in this article.

Using Macro Video To Add Intrigue To Presentations

Whether you are lecturing at a trade show or a medical conference, macro video is a way to provide your audience with a great deal of information on a subject using a method that captures the imagination. Why Use Macro? The human eye has its limits, and it is often difficult for us to appreciate the fine features of a very small object. You might be showing an investigatory panel the microscopic cracks that led to equipment failure, or you could be mesmerizing elementary school children with an extreme close up of the mites that live on the classroom hamster. The more detail you can show, the more information you can provide.

Crucial Photography Shots for Every Wedding

For many people, photography is one of the most important elements for any wedding. The bride and groom will generally be so busy during the wedding day, that you want to be able to look back and re-live the moments at a later stage, as well as share these moments with friends and family. For that reason, choosing the right photographer for you is crucial.

Can Cameras Have Too Many Megapixels?

In our “more is better” society, camera manufactures keep increasing the resolution of their cameras. Consumers are told that more megapixels mean better pictures. But do they?

Photography Colleges – How to Start and What to Expect

If you’re thinking about taking your passion for photography to a higher level, or in other words, going pro, then perhaps it’s high time you look at your photography colleges and pursue a formal education. While there are plenty of ways to learn the craft, photography colleges offer the most comprehensive method of learning and training, allowing you to have all the tools and skills to make real money out of your hobby. A balanced mix of practical experience and classroom-based learning is what you will need to learn as much as possible, and this is what you can…

Struggle to Keep Tibetan Way Alive

Being in exile for nearly five decades now, the Tibetan way of life has survived thanks to the determination of the simple people which was celebrated through an opera, photo and art exhibition. The lives of the Tibetan nomads in exile being the subject of his work, Gyalpo Tashi’s photos reveal the hardships faced by the 3,000 odd nomads.

Shooting Wide Open

One way you can tell that a photo was taken by a professional is the “blurry” background. Portrait photographers look for lenses that can isolate the subject and render a creamy background. The creamy or blurry background is called the bokeh, so we’ll just call it that from here on out.

Should Models Go for Photo Retouching and to What Extent?

Everyone wants to look their best in real life and would love to look better in pictures. Many professional models need to get photo retouching done to a certain extent. It increases the equity of the brand name in the market. With professional services available, for photo retouching the portfolio can be made more appealing.

Digital Macro Photography – What You Don’t See Is What You Get

There is a whole other world right in front of us, but we rarely take the time to see it. The beauty that exists in nature and in common everyday items is magical to behold. With Digital Macro Photography we can bring these things to life.

Portrait and Personal Photography – A Distinctive and Enjoyable Style for Numerous Photographers

Men and women are tricky beings. In some instances they’re astonishingly difficult to understand. Some wish to cover up their honest nature from the world and put out a subtle personality. Others, however, can be very open with whom they are really therefore they don’t waste a second concealing his or her self from society. It is this very quality that may possibly make them problematic subject matter. It is also this fact that helps to make portrait pictures a tremendously unique and gratifying form of photography for many a photographer.

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