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Talking With People About Digital Cameras Can Help You Find the Right One

We all want to be able to capture special moments, whether they are a milestone birthday or anniversary celebrations, the births and milestones achieved by our children, or the spectacular scenery and historic places we have seen on vacation. In order to ensure that we are getting the best possible images of these events, we want to be sure that we have the best possible Digital cameras and Video cameras that we can afford.

Tricks To Photographing Christmas Lights

Christmas lights, with all those incredible glowing decorations, just beg to be photographed, but usually they come out as colored pinpricks or a jagged blur of out-of-focus chunks of light. Here are some easy tips and tricks to fix all that.

Christmas Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers for Photographers

A Master Photographer shares his popular annual list of gift ideas to help give you some ideas for the photographer on your holiday shopping list. These aren’t just the normal things, though, but cool stuff that they will ask, “Wow, where did you find this?”

Night Photography – Give It a Shot!

Why do so many people shy away from taking pictures once the sun goes down? Haven’t they seen the great pictures taken at night by other photographers? Taking night shots is not as difficult as some may think. If you have a camera, a tripod, and a subject you can take some great night shots.

Sony Digital Camera – From Mavica to Translucent-Mirror Technology

The year 1981 was the benchmark year for the Sony digital camera, when the company introduced the prototype Mavica (Magnetic Video Camera) that took still images and stored them on floppy discs. Recently, Sony introduced the first commercial use of translucent-mirror technology. Translucent mirror technology allows for faster autofocus speeds in both still photographs and video. Sony’s bold steps in photography have allowed it to be a leader in the digital camera field, producing top quality digital cameras for both the hobbyist and professional photographer.

Wedding Planning – Optimise Your Wedding Photography Investment

Planning and timings are essential for your wedding. Planning the timings of your wedding photographer is necessary to get the maximum out of your wedding photography package investment. An experienced professional photographer should plan timings with you, as light varies in direction depending on the season, sunset times vary, the moon, the tide.

How to Photograph Children, Challenging Children

How to go from sad to glad Personally I love a bit of a challenge. What is the fun of a session if every little kid is perfect?

Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera Review – The Best Beginner’s Camera

The D7000 is a powerhouse camera. For beginners, it has all of the ease of use you will need to get started, but this camera will grow with you as your enthusiasm and experience increase. This camera is used by professional photographers. You will be able to do more with this camera and get much more interesting images, using special features as your experience increases.

Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera Review – For the Beginner Photographer

The Nikon D5100 is a significant improvement over the Nikon D3100. This digital single lens reflex camera is a great beginner/intermediate photographer’s camera, however; The D5100 has new and improved features to significantly improve and enhance your photography experience.

Sony SLT-A35 Digital SRL Camera – A Beginner’s Camera

The Sony SLT-A35 was rated one of 2012’s best entry level Digital SLR cameras. This camera is one of Sony’s Single Lens Translucent (SLT) designs. This lens transmits 66.66% of the light to the CMOS sensor and 33.33 per cent of it to a tiny electronic display built into the camera’s roof. This model incorporates almost all the features of the original A33 and A55, but includes an improved 16.2MP EXMOR APS-C CMOS sensor and handful of extra processing options. The chip has been redesigned to improve power consumption, and improved thermal performance. The camera has an aerodynamic look to it with smooth edges.

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