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Basic Skills Required for Photography

People of all ages from teenagers to senior citizens, enjoy photography. It’s a very ideal outlet that can be used extensively to unleash or express your creativity. Photography is a field that is forever changing because of the numerous opportunities for the photographers who want to work independently or else work as a staff photographer for any prominent employer.

The Exposure Value System (EVS)

Many older cameras (and some modern ones too) use a setting called “Exposure Value” or “EV” for short. This article explains the origins and uses of the EV system, (without using any complex maths). In brief, the EV system was a different way of thinking about light quality, and designed to make the process of setting an exposure a little easier.

Never A Good Idea To Settle For Anything Other Than The Best When It Comes To Wedding Photography

Hiring the services of a great photographer is not something that one can afford to overlook when planning a wedding. It is vital to consider and value both the photographer as well as his studio. With so many photographers around it is surely a challenge to be able to choose one.

Sweet Memories Of Your Wedding Captured Efficiently With Wedding Photography

Most people consider their wedding day to be an exceptional occasion and would love to make it memorable by clicking photographs. These photographs keep the memories fresh and help cherish them forever.

Make Memorable Photo Treasures From Ordinary Moments – 10 Tips

Do you find it frustrating when you see other photos from your friends of their special moments? Would you like to be one of those people who always have photos of those daily living moments of the people you love? You do not need to struggle any longer. Here is how you can successfully photograph and document special ordinary moments with the people you love.

6 Elements to Ascertain Whether a Photo Print Is Good or Not

We all know for a fact that pictures are the only thing that illustrates our memory. Without pictures, our memories would have long been forgotten. Photos are the one that’s proof of the times gone by. Many people these days fail to comprehend the fact that photos have an aesthetic value that’s hard to replace. No matter how digital the world gets, the good old picture printing will never lose its appeal. Even today, professional photographers all over the world earn their living by printing images and selling them.

Top 10 Essential Qualities Every Photographer Should Possess

Being photography enthusiasts, we all know for a fact that clicking an amazingly beautiful picture is not an easy feat by any means. Some people have the grave misconception that just by having a high-end camera they will be able to capture stunning images. Yes, having a good camera always helps but it’s not a foregone conclusion that you will immediately be a better photographer with it. Like every other art form, you have to learn it from scratch to be able to master it.

10 Common Composition Mistakes in Photography

A guide to a better composition when taking pictures. We will list the 10 common mistakes photographers make.

Short Guide to Taking the Best Selfies

Taking selfies with your phone is a very easy and convenient way to express your various moods. Selfies enable you to express yourself in any manner you find preferable. It is fun taking selfies where you can illustrate your confidence, personality and sense of fashion.

This Is Why You Need a Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is a relatively new gadget getting introduced in the market, yet many people would claim having seen somebody using one, though they might not have realized what exactly it is used for, or how it operates and helps its users. If you come across someone using it, you are very likely to find it a superfluous item, as one could easily use their arm for performing the act that a selfie stick does. But in fact, it is more helpful than many people can guess.

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