DJI Action 2: Their Most Powerful Action Camera Yet! | Hands-on Review

How to Take Your Photos From Snapshot to Art

Anyone can take a photo, but only those who invest themselves in the shot will produce pictures that wow everyone. With a bit of practice and the right information, you can finally take the kinds of photos that get noticed.

Video Tripod and Camera Bag

Getting a camera or video camera is a great way to be able to keep a record of things, to make videos and take pictures and to create media that can be a part of websites, magazines or other creations. There are plenty of reasons why anyone should own a video camera and they are a fantastic purchase for hobbyists, professionals and beginners alike. However getting cameras or video cameras on their own is a risk and a mistake and there are many other things that you should certainly consider purchasing if you are going to buy a video…

Take Your Own Christmas Card Photos

Christmas is a fun time for family gatherings. Cherish the memories forever by having your own Christmas photo shoot!

Top Rated Digital Cameras Aren’t All About Megapixels

Top rated digital cameras are about performance, not megapixels. It’s easy to get sucked into buying a camera with more and more megapixels, but don’t let that artificial figure sway you.

Impressive Digital Cameras Best Buys On The Market

The Sony Alpha NEX-3 is one of the more impressive digital cameras best buys on the market. It is small and very compact, but the size is not reflective of the vast capability and technology of this camera. This camera delivers 14.2 megapixels with an APS-C image sensor that is actually thirteen times the strength of normal sensors in most digital cameras. This great function optimizes photographs giving them a polished look. Featuring 16mm interchangeable lens, as of 2010, this camera was considered to be the smallest and lightest digital camera with an interchangeable lens.

Where the Hottest Trends in Clipping Path Service Work?

Today, providing simple photo editing is not sufficient. Photo processing companies constantly need to extend their portfolio of services with the hottest trends. This keeps the benchmark of creativity high and brings steady business.

Photography Cliches

Photography has fashion trends, just like any other creative industry. Some enterprising soul will be playing around and come up with a new look that catches on and, before long, the world is awash in copycat photos. Some of these techniques will continue on long after the novelty has worn off and become almost a visual cliche.

Introduction to Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is just like a history lesson that brings you back to the very basics of the art of photography, when pictures were first taken without color information. These pictures were taken with films which soon became a ‘specialist’ genre with the introduction of colour film and processing these black and white negatives became more and more costly and unprofitable for local businesses. Currently the popularisation of digital editing of pictures using sophisticated software such as Photoshop made it possible to reproduce the effects of a monochrome…

How To Avoid The Top 6 Mistakes In The Professional Photography Business

The results of a short survey on Twitter on the question of ‘What are the top photography business mistakes made by newbie photographers?’ Some of the items revealed include pricing, undervaluing one’s work, advertising problems, poor business planning, and photographing for free.

Learn Techniques On How To Be A Great Photographer

If you’ve ever had a point-and-shoot, or a cell phone with a built-in camera, you’ve probably been disappointed with the quality of your pictures. Although compact cameras and camera phones take a lot of guesswork out of your hands, they don’t always work the best in every situation.

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