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A Very Brief Introduction to Astrophotography

When you flick through a text book and see those amazing pictures of the Moon and the planets, do you ever wonder how they were taken? Of course some of them are CGI and could never be accomplished with normal photography, and then others of them are taken by satellites that are floating through space and that are much nearer than we are to those planets.

Is Your Marketing Undermining Your Photography Business and the Industry?

Most people hate junk mail, right? This is because most of what you see is misleading, unclear, uninteresting and untargeted. Are you the photographic equivalent of junk mail? Do you over promise and under deliver? Conversely are you scared of all the cheap competition and slashing prices despite being a very talented artist? This article looks at the issues.

Starting A Photography Business: A Structured Approach For Success

Anybody with a decent camera can start up their own photography business, especially as it seems like an easy profession to be in. However, the reality is far from easy! With little preparation for what’s actually required, a talented amateur photographer soon discovers they need to be a businessperson. Here is a simple and structured approach to help ensure a better chance of success.

Photographing Your Children As They Grow Up

A guide to photographing children as they grow from baby through to young adult. Techniques and tips to take photos as your young ones age.

Digital Photography Idea Series – Taking Photos at Home

You wake up in the morning with a passion to shoot pictures, draw the curtains and the rain starts to beat against the window. All your hopes of a photography fun day go out the window. But, that isn’t the end of you photo fun for the day because there are lots to shoot around the home. Let’s get creative and shoot things that you wouldn’t usually.

Digital Photography Idea Series – Taking Photos at Christmas

Inspiration and creativity are two areas where students always ask questions. They are “how to be more creative” and “how to get inspired” with my photography. So this series looks at ideas that will inspire more creativity in any amateur photographer. To start off we look at Christmas time and the holiday season in general for inspiration.

Learn Digital Photography – Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography was once the realm of the professional portrait photographer but now most amateur photographers can shoot a reasonable selection of portraits without much experience. This is because digital allows you to review your images immediately and make any colour or lighting corrections. So how can the average amateur take good quality portrait photos. Here’s how.

Is Photography Your Mission, Or Your Passion?

Photography often starts out as a passion, but sometimes evolves into an impersonal occupation. Find out if it is your mission or your passion, and if its your passion you must keep it alive.

What Is Portrait Photography?

Portrait photography also called portraiture is the capture of the likeness of a person or a small group in which the facial expression is predominant. The goal is to capture the likeness, personality and even the mood of the subject. When taking portraiture the rule of thumb here is to have your subject in full focus and the background out of focus since you want the emphasis to be on the person rather than the location; and you don’t want distracting elements…

Beginners Guide To Digital Photography

Looking to get started in digital photography? Is photography a passion that you’d consider one day making into more than just a hobby? Photography can be incredibly rewarding, fun and exciting – but newcomers are often put off not knowing where to start! From picking a camera and the right accessories to learning how lighting and composition works, it can all be a little bit confusing in the beginning. Check out a few of these basic tips, start honing your skills and start your rewarding journey into the world of digital photography.

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