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What Makes a Photograph a Portrait

Are all photographs of people portraits? What defines a portrait from a photograph? How can a photograph qualify as a portrait? These are the questions addressed in this article.

Professional Looking Photographs With Gopro

Being a professional photographer, I don’t always carry around “top-of-the-line” cameras, even when I’m gathering with friends, family and other loved ones. But what I do carry around is a GoPro Hero 3, or if I want to get “tricky”, I’ll take out the GoPro 3d Hero camera – it’s the smallest 1080p 3d camera in the world.

Finding the Perfect Photoshoot Locations

Finding the perfect photoshoot locations depends on what you want to achieve; beautiful, wedding, event, family photos etc. So, be sure that what you want to achieve..

What Is Aperture?

For beginners or amateurs at photography or those interested to learn something new, here is a short description of aperture, what it is and how it can affect your photos. It is important to remember at the outset that Aperture is one of the three fundamentals of photography so be sure to understand the basics before embarking on experimentation. Aperture is basically the iris within the lens of the camera.

Tips and Tricks on How to Photograph Architecture

Learn tips and tricks professional photographers use to photography architecture. Find out about lighting, composition, lens choice, night photos, keeping it interesting and more!

How to Take Great Pictures of Christmas Lights

Spring time is probably the last time you want to think about Christmas lights. Much less taking photos of Christmas lights. Flowers and baby birds come to mind when you think of Spring, but not Christmas lights. I consider Christmas to be one of my favorite times of the year. It brings color to an otherwise bland or colorless time of year. Color that can be attributed to none other than Christmas lights themselves. So many colors and varieties to choose from it is hard not to find the right ones to fit your mood or budget.

Tips for Placement of a Wireless Network Camera

The one thing that technology has given us that we can all benefit from is increased amounts of security in our homes, our businesses, and even in our vehicles. Because of the inventions of some the rest of us have the power to install a wireless network camera and keep an eye on what is happening at our homes when we cannot be there.

Trick Photography and Special Effects

Photography is actually the art of capturing pictures making use of light as well as a camera to show a message, meaning or aesthetic. There are generally simply no hard and fast guidelines to picture taking but most photographers possess a trademark style or perhaps utilize methods that help make their work stay ahead of the rest.

What Makes a Wedding Photographer – 7 Essential Requirements

A wedding photographer is a very important part of the ceremony. While the sequence moments that happen on the ceremony day are etched in the memories of the bride and groom forever, photographers remind the couple of several nuances and details that slip out of memory.

Street Photography – Magic Moments

Street photography is a special domain of photography and refers to the art of taking photographs of people in public places, the most common location being the street, hence the name. Most of the times, the pictures are somewhat snapshots, candid photos taken without the knowledge or the participation of the subject or subjects. It is one of the most nonconformist and unusual types of photography, without any formalized norms or rules. Street photographers have that special talent of seeing a perfect image wherever they go, finding the perfect angles in the knack of a second.

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