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Selecting the Best Wedding Photographer

There are many things one should look for when deciding on a wedding photographer including how much it will cost, how specialized are the candidates plus does their personality mesh well with mine? Many of these concerns are quite normal and throughout this article I will give you the suggestions needed in picking the best photographer for your wedding.

Photography Composition – Understanding the Golden Ratio

No tool in your photography bag will have as much impact as learning to properly use the very ancient, but still very effective, Golden Ratio. If you want to make better photographs, and who doesn’t, this easy-to-master technique will help you make dramatic advances.

Here’s a Quick Way to Create a Nice Gallery Wall

A home is not complete until the walls are not filled with wall frames containing portraits, pictures, unique moments, art work, paintings, drawings and treasures collected over time. A great wall arrangement can be a true eye-catching structure.

The Photo Effects Are Being Discussed

Numerous people don’t know much about photo effects, despite the fact that they are passionate about photography. This can be an advantage, as well as a disadvantage. Why? Things are quite simple. The photo effects are there to improve a photo shot but when they are used in excess, they just ruin it.

What Is Real? Photoshop Is Used Everywhere You Look

The photo manipulation industry has often been accused of promoting distorted and unrealistic image of self, most specifically in younger people. The fashion photography is one specific industry, which has been heavily involved with the use of photo manipulation – this is obviously a concern as many people look up to celebrities in search of embodying the ‘ideal figure’.

The Photo Effects And Their Role

When it comes to photography, there are plenty of types of programs that can be used in order to remove the errors or in order to improve the photo shot. Professional photographers are well aware of this, while the amateur photographers use the photo effects in order to experiment and in order to understand how they actually work.

Photo Booth Hire for Weddings, Parties and Functions

Basic information on the hire of a photo booth for your wedding or party. There are many benefits that are often overlooked which are covered here.

Photography – 3 Reasons to Master Candid Photography

Candid photography can be one of the most enjoyable and insightful ways to photograph the world around you. However, most people never bother to takes these types of photos. Here are 3 reasons why you should start taking candid photos today.

White Balance in Photo Retouching – Pros and Cons of Software Solutions

White balance correction means to correct the light in a photo to white. In order to do this one must have some neutrals in the image like a gray card or a white sheet of paper. Software can adjust white balance, but not all software solutions are equally good.

Canon Landscape and Wildlife Lens Recommendation

I have been a wildlife and travel photographer using Canon equipment for about 25 years now. Through the decades, I have used almost all of Canon’s cropped and full frame cameras and their EF and EF-S lenses… The following lenses are some of my recommendation, derived from years of experience out in the field on photo shoots. These are my personal opinion and will not accommodate every situation or photographer’s needs…

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