Cut Out Glass in Photoshop with Blending Modes (Better Results!)

The Advantages of Clipping Path for Digital Photos

To developing amazing pictures, clipping path is especially useful for developing online catalogs, paper prints, publications, catalogues and brochures. It can also significantly change the look of a website. Primarily clipping path represents the process of changing the history of a given image. This delivers in a lot of change to the excellence to the image. But, actually, clipping direction is a pretty complicated process and includes lot of careful attempt. Most of all clipping path guarantees that the images reaches maximum of quality.

Tips for Cleaning Your Digital Camera Lens

A well maintained, clean lens is vital to any photographer. Here are 10 simple top tips for cleaning your digital camera lens.

FAQs About Wedding Photography

What equipment should I use to photograph weddings? If you are using film, you should use professional 35mm equipment. For high quality photos you should know how to use your equipment. Although, there is no particular brand that you should use, you should ensure that the brand that you go for is of high quality. If you are using a digital camera, you should go with a DSLR. The reasons for this is because DSLR’s usually give high quality images that are more than 5 megapixels.

Complete Tips For Street Photography, What To Do When Confronted, and the Best Camera Setting

Street Photography is getting more and more common in the photography world. Even though street photography seems simple and easy, there are some common mistakes and problems which photographers are likely to fall into. I would like to share tips for street photography which will help you avoid the pitfall traps.

What Is Street Photography? What Are the Challenges and Rewards of Street Photography?

Street photography is one of many genres of photography. Street photography is not as common as the other kinds of photography due to its level of skill set requirement. Some photographers are also arguing how a photo can be categorized as a street photograph. I would like to share my idea about street photography in this article.

Trick Photography – Beginning With Photo Editing Effects

Photo editing is now possible using different programs such as adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Corel draw etc. Photo editing software can sometimes be strenuous to work with but they enhance the creativity in photographers. There are a variety of photo editing practices that will transform greatly your pictures to an extent.

13 Tips To Perfecting Your Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is either very easy, or very frustrating. It can be the most rewarding or disappointing photography you will ever work on. While some people say it is very simple, some details are usually missed and underestimated. I discuss 13 details on landscape photography and how to work with them to help you produce a great landscape photography.

The Photography Composition Tips That You Don’t Want to Miss

One of the essential rules of photography is how the objects are placed on the frame. It is also known as composition. While it is very important to understand how composition works, many starter photographers may overlook some facts about photography composition which may be harmful to their images. These tips will help photographers on how to deal with composition to make their works leave great impressions to the viewers.

Are You a Photographer or an Image Manipulator?

When the use of digital cameras took off, the photography world changed. I used film and the most important factor was to know your camera inside out.

10 Tips for “WOW” Portrait Photography

All photographers may have been in a situation in which they have to capture portrait photography. Yet it may be tricky if they don’t have an experience in taking portrait photography. This article shares 10 basic tips to improve portrait photography.

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