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Pinhole Photography, What Is It And How Do You Take A Pinhole Photo With A DSLR Camera?

According to Wikipedia, pinhole photography is taking a photo with a camera without a lens and only a small pinhole, effectively the camera becomes only a light proof box with a very small hole in it. There are special pinhole cameras available, but it is possible to use a modern DSLR camera to take pinhole photographs. You only need to make your own pinhole lens. This can be done by using a lens cap. There are numerous articles on the web available showing you how to make a pinhole lens.

What Events Benefit From A Rental Photo Booth?

Photo booths provide so much potential fun at a gathering. They can be used to bring families together, and liven up more business oriented occasions. They are a great way to get the party or event memorialized by you or the people who came to the event.

Photo Booth Options To Consider

There are many options for photo booth fun if you are considering renting one for a party or event. You can theme the booth after the event or let guests go wild with amazing props or backdrops. There are also different types of booths when considering a rental.

The Best Family And Friends Photo Booth Pictures

If you are hosting a family event and other gathering, a photo booth is one of the best investments you can make. The strip photos will remind your guests of the event for a long time in the future, and they get to personalize the photos. This is one of the best ways to guarantee a spot in a loved one’s photo or scrapbook.

Essential Tips For Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is a special form of photography. It’s used to capture the sensuality of a female and may sometimes be considered risque or sexual. However, it can be very elegant and tasteful when done correctly. This article gives you some boudoir photography tips for both the photographer and subject.

Extreme Sports Photography Requires Particular Equipment

There are many breathtaking shots and recordings to be had during extreme sports events. Some of the most intense shots are taken from helmet cams on snowboarders, and from the front cameras of bobsleds. You can do this with your extreme sports excursions as well, with the right equipment.

Natural Photography Filters Can Enhance Your Work

Many scenic camera shots of nature are difficult to pull off with unpredictable lighting. This is one of the reasons filters are in every nature photographer’s bag. The GoPro filter is one of the highest quality choices, as it offers both flash and glare protection.

Tips To Hire The Right Wedding Photographer

Wedding is one of the biggest and most important events in the life of a person. Everyone wants to remember the special moments of this big day by capturing them in the form of photographs.

Why Would Anyone Book A Photo Tour?

One the face of it, why would you book a photo tour? Companies that sell these trips make a profit, don’t they, so it must be cheaper to do it yourself. We discuss these matters below, and other factors worthy of consideration.

How to Take High Quality Self-Portraits With Your Camera

How to take quality self portraits with your camera? This articles is not about the cheap bathroom selfies or mean cellphone pics.

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