Create The Magical Dr Strange Shield in Photoshop!

Photography Classes: Tips on How to Control Sharpness in a Digital Photograph

A quick photography class: The aperture controls sharpness and there are other things that will affect the sharpness of a photograph. When we photograph with a small aperture, light will scatter and will produce a softness that may look like the photograph is not focused all the way. What to do?

Reception Details – A Wedding Photographer’s Guide

As a wedding photographer your primary job is to make the bride look her most beautiful on her special day. It is also your job to document the events of the ceremony and create family portraiture while the entire family is gathered together. Also, you are responsible for documenting the festivities at the reception; the speeches, the dancing, the food and drinks and the joyous atmosphere. It is your job to document the details of the environment. After all, the bride spent time planning these details. Though she may not have known it when she hired you, she will be delighted to see these displayed within her album.

Urban Wedding Portraits in the Heart of Kansas City – Ten Great Destinations to Wow Your Clients

With such a large metropolitan area, there are countless choices where one could take photographs. However, some of the top destinations are in the very center of the city. More weddings, and especially receptions are being held in the downtown area each year. All of the places on this list will give you a variety of backdrops and gorgeous shots all within a close distance of each other. Here is a look at ten top locations for urban portraiture in Kansas City.

Essential Features to Look for in a New Camcorder

Over the last few years there has been a lot of advances made in camcorder technology. Discover what you should look for before making a purchase.

Essential Camcorder Buying Guide

Over the last few years there has been a lot of advances made in camcorder technology. Discover the facts you must know before making a purchase.

How to Shoot Pro Movies on Your Camcorder

If you’re into your camcorders you may be wanting to know how to shoot a movie like the pros. Follow our simple tips and tricks to help you deliver quality results every time.

Digital Photography, The Art of Capturing Timeless Images

Modern digital cameras are so sophisticated that taking excellent photographs is reasonably easy. However, the true beauty of the images is possible only because of the artistry of the photographer using the camera. The abilities and insights of the photographer are what make the images timelessly memorable. The camera is only the tool that makes accomplishing the task possible.

Digital Cameras – Shooting In Color Or Black and White?

Today’s cameras make it easy to capture your images just the way you want to see them. Almost every camera has a handful of image capture modes and they offer everything from straight color to black & white, posterization or blue-tone and every stop in between. Faced with so many options how does a photographer make a good choice?

The Samyang 8mm Fisheye Lens: High Quality Images at a Budget Price

The Samyang 8mm Fisheye lens is perhaps the most underrated third-party fisheye lens on the market today. The Samyang is a full frame diagonal fisheye lens best suited for digital cameras with APS-C sized sensors. Samyang also manufactures fisheye lenses for cameras with the four-thirds mount (2x crop).

Adobe Photoshop – Where to Find Photoshop Tutorials For Beginners

Adobe Photoshop is an amazing piece of software.  It can allow you to take an otherwise bland image and turn it into something that will impress family and friends alike.  With this power, however, comes a great deal of complexity.

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