Create Light Rays In 5 EASY Steps! | Photoshop Tutorial

How to Earn Money Selling Your Digital Photos

This article will teach you how to take your photography from a hobby to a source of income. This article will explain how anybody with a digital camera and internet connection can earn money selling rights to their photos online.

How to Do Long Exposure Photography Like a Pro

Long exposure photography has become highly popular because of the increased coverage it gets from magazines like sports magazine and many online photography sites. Doing long exposure photography helps you to take images of things and people that you normally can’t take in normal circumstances like waterfalls, star trails, moving objects, and other stationary objects. This photography technique can be done either during the day or at night.

TFP Shoots: How to Get Free Photographs for Your Modeling Portfolio

If you’ve spent any time searching the internet for information on “how to become a model” or “starting a modeling career”, then you probably already know that a professional modeling portfolio is essential to getting hired as a model. In this article, I’ll explain how amateur models can get free photography services by participating in so-called “TFP shoots”.

Ideas on How to Take Better Pictures With Your Digital Camera.

A few simple tips to help you enjoy your picture taking. Don’t let your Digital Camera gather dust in a draw. Start taking getting the best out of your camera. Take pictures you always wanted to

How to Do Light Painting Photography Like a Pro

Light painting photography is also referred to as a light graffiti or light drawing. Learning to do light painting photography is quite easy. The technique is known to produce seriously awesome images.

3 Ways to Protect Your Digital Photo Collection

Many of us rely on digital cameras to take photos nowadays. There are real benefits to doing so, but if you lose data you could lose your entire photo collection as well. Find out how to protect your collection here.

The Lens Hood – A Brief Introduction

It is impossible to ignore the invention similar to a flower that comes in front of various photo lenses and sometimes even on the lenses. But have you ever stopped to wonder why it is present there? Those of you that had the opportunity to watch a specialized movie camera doing its thing have also noticed a device similar to an elephant ear that is put right in front of the camera.

Starting Out in Professional Wedding Photography – What Equipment Do You Really Need?

Photography equipment is expensive, let’s face it. So what equipment do you really need to do a great job and which equipment can you live without, at least to begin with?

Narrating a Wedding Story Through Professional Wedding Photographer – Tips

The pictures always have something to say about the moment captured & can tell a story. Nothing deserves a good story telling like a wedding. We get 2 or 3 occasions in our lifetime to do so & one of them is a Wedding. A photographer is in charge of narrating that story in the best way possible for the happy couple on their special day. If you are a professional photographer, there are a few important tips to consider which will improve your wedding photography.

How to Do Special Effects Photography Like a Pro

Learning to do beautiful photography and add some elegance to it through special effects photography is possible even to amateur photographers. With the availability of online digital editing programs from the comfort of your home computer, it is now possible to practice how to do special effects photography without having to invest heavily on equipment as it used to be the case. The only thing that you need to learn on how to do special effects photography is time and access to a computer. You’ll soon realize that the art of special effects photography is not outside the confines of an average photographer. Patience, camera, and computer give you all the tools you need to learn the art.

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