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Features To Look For In A DSLR Camera System

If you’re moving from being a point and shoot camera user to a DSLR user, there are some important things you will have to consider before buying the more advanced digital camera. Remember you will be spending your hard earned money and you need to make sure you’re investing in the right quality photographic equipment.

Tips for Maternity Photos

Maternity Pictures are the new trend in the Pregnancy world. And why not? Those months are a precious time full of anticipation and preparation, and should be captured to be treasured for years to come. Here are some useful tips on how to snap that moment into a creative digital photograph.

Canon PowerShot SX230 HS – All-In-One Digital Camera

If you are already a fan of PowerShot cameras, this will be “preaching to the choir.” However, if you happen to be looking for an excellent all-in-one camera, the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS may just be the perfect fit for your pocket.

Timeless Lighting – Portrait Lighting Setup for Digital Photography

The commonly recognized and anticipated lighting for portraits are already well-known even before photography turned mainstream. We can study to utilize these conventional portrait lighting rules as a starting point to experiment with further innovative portrait setup that sets you apart from other photographers.

How To Look Stunning In Wedding Photos

If you are going to get married, it is important that the wedding photographs which will be taken show you at your best. These images will be cherished and looked over for the rest of your life, you do not want to appear uncomfortable and awkward in each of the snaps. Many people feel unnatural when a camera is pointed towards them, if this is also how you feel about having your picture taken, do not panic, help is at hand.

Professional Photography – Creating a Portfolio That Will Get You Hired

It’s hard looking for a job today right? Whether you do photography or any kind of field, competition among many professionals is really, really tough! Well before we go to talking about unemployment rates and what not, let’s just talk about creating a portfolio that will get you hired. Specifically, let’s focus on how to get hired to be a professional photographer. You might be good in photography but if you make a bad portfolio, chances are you’ll not be hired. Why? Bosses base your qualifications on your portfolio. Remember, they don’t know you personally so they don’t have any other source of information about what you can do aside from the portfolio that you will show them. So if that portfolio is not impressive to them, sorry to say they will not hire you.

Sony Wants to Be Your Next DSLR

Sony’s last line of DSLRs offered some competitive specs to the camera market. They also introduced a new technology with its translucent mirror allowing live auto focus during live view capture. This is a first for DSLRs and serves to vastly improve both live view photography and videography as well. In fact, there are many things to love about Sony DSLRs other than their lack of offerings, and although Sony may be relatively new to DSLRs, they have a huge competitive advantage.

Hosting And Sharing Your Photographs For Free

Regardless of your photographic abilities, we all have photos we need to store and share. Whether we are preserving memories, sharing new photos of our children or family, showing off some recent highlights, or demoing photographs for a client, we all have a need for networked storage. In recent months, cloud storage options have grown unbelievably and many options are available for free. Although some companies offer enhanced features with a payment plan, even these purchased options are inexpensive and work well.

Canvas Prints Are Loved by People

There are many people who love to buy canvas prints these days. These prints are available in different size and shapes and one can easily buy them from any of the shops. With the advancement in technology one can now have the same painting in different canvas size also. Nowadays people also prefer personalized canvas prints over the other.

Changing Shutter Speed on a DSLR

Being able to alter shutter speed is a valuable tool for taking photo’s, and can produce fantastic effects. Read on to find out more about shutter speed and ISO.

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