Choosing the Right Tripod: 5 Tips with Gabriel Biderman

Equipment Buyer’s Guide – Flash

A detailed breakdown of the features to look for when buying an off-camera flash unit. From different flavors of TTL to knowing how to measure light intensity.

Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Photographer: Style, Talent and Personality

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a harrowing experience. You may have heard horror stories from friends who made choices they regret. This is the first in a series of articles offers advice about how to go about choosing a wedding photographer. This particular article focuses on deciding on what style wedding photography is right for you.

Color Correction – A Useful Way to Get Old Photos to Colored

Simply you can apply color correction to get old photo to colored. Frequently, we need to change color in our photographs to be colored or more gorgeous, then color correction is the useful way at this situation.

The Dazzling Career As a Photographer

Photography is an art of capturing the beauty of nature or its derivatives in a dazzling manner with great sense of creativity, dedications and sophistication. It has been marvelous profession since its inception. Photography is an amazing tool of capturing and accumulating the life’s beautiful moments as well as happenings in the form of photographs forever. Experts often elaborate the photography as art of casting a magical spell as the nature of the work is considered to be perfect, artistic, creative, and captivating. This profession is full of energy and fun.

How to Choose Rental Photo Equipment

Do you know the things to look for when renting photo equipment? Know where to look? There are two main reasons to rent equipment.

How to Take Photographs Instead of Snapshots

What is the difference between a snapshot and a photograph? The thought process taken before the shutter button is even pressed. Snapshots are taken with no thought to composition, lighting, subject matter, and no thought to intentions of what to do with the images once they have been taken. These are some tried and true ways to being turning your snapshots into photographs:

What Are the Main Differences Between Digital and Film Photography?

The main difference is (other than mechanical consideration) there is a different thought process used when shooting with film versus when shooting with digital. When shooting with film a much more careful and thoughtful process was used and with digital, there is a more lax and careless thought process.

Tips on How to Become An Excellent Baby Photographer

Taking pictures of your little one appears to be simple and easy but it is easy to ignore several great moments in case you are not aware of the tricks. Then again, getting excellent shots of your child can be extremely satisfying. That is why most parents and as well as everybody else want to get no less than a picture of the cutest family member.

Photo Restoration and Scanning at 300DPI

Photo restoration is an exact science but it can only be achieved if the original image is created as a digital file. This file must be of a certain size in order for the restoration to be made. Digital images are made up of pixels, single points of light and colour in varying intensities. If there are not enough of them the photo restoration cannot be made.

How To Take Stunning Still Life Photos

Still Life photographs do not require photographers to travel to exotic places, not even to venture outside the comfort of their homes. In fact, not even a studio is required. This is one branch of photography that anybody can take part in.

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