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Buying A Fisheye Lens – Three Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your First Fisheye Lens

If your planning on buying a fisheye lens there are three things you need to know before making your purchase: Knowing these three things can save you a lot of money and disappointment, not to mention time wasted. First, you need to know the difference between a fisheye lens and an ordinary wide angle lens. Many people confuse the two and end up buying a fisheye lens thinking that they are getting a conventional wide angle.

Being a Freelance Photographer

Photography is something that can be undertaken by anyone with a camera. After all, you just have to direct your camera at something and click it. While anybody can just take a picture, not everyone can create a unique work of art. It takes more than an expensive and famous camera brand to capture and convey the creative vision of an artist. It takes talent and eye for detail to be able to capture unique moments and striking poses.

Maternity Photography – By Self Or By Professional Photographer

Maternity photography has become the necessity more than the trend. Either to do it by self or to get it done by professional photographer are two options. The detailed analysis of both the options will lead you to right decision, don’t miss the opportunity.

Maternity Photography – A Great Trend Brings Lifelong Pleasure

The worldwide social acceptance of maternity photography has changed the meaning pregnancy period experiences. Now the expectant couples treat both kinds of experiences as treasure to be shared with still to be born baby. If you succeed in selecting the right photographer or studio, it will become a lifelong experience, you would like to share.

It’s Photography But Is It Art?

What turns a simple photograph into a piece of art? Is it manipulation or enhancement with photo-editing software or just a photograph that doesn’t represent reality. Is it even possible to define whether or what makes an image “Photographic Art”

Digital Background – Chroma Key Photography Creation

A few years ago the digi-world was more of an out-of-sight and out-of-mind concept but when its capabilities were realized, it was understood to be one best technical medium and large format film has better resolution than the cameras that are available in today’s time. The advantages of shooting film are far better than thought.

What a Bride Should Know About Uncle Bob’s Wedding Photography

Uncle Bob’s got a brand new camera, and your budget is tight. The most important day of your life is bringing you within 2 steps of being the bankrupt bride. Something has to give.

Understanding Aperture in Photography

There are many important things that a photographer should learn in order to take better pictures. Using the aperture setting on a camera is one of them. The aperture in photography refers to the size of the lens opening when the picture is taken. It impacts both exposure and depth of field.

Tips for Photographing Stars and Star Trails

One of the lessons in the Photography Lab series I teach is a lesson on Night Photography, specifically shooting the stars. There are two essentials to know before going out to shoot stars your first time.

5 Easy To Follow Baby Photography Tips for Better Photos

When it comes to baby photography, bear in mind that it best to keep your hand. Doing this creates an advantage for you to easily photograph precious moments of your baby.

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