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Studio Lighting on Location

Without light, photography isn’t possible. With light, many qualities of photography exist. Quality of light truly dictates the emotion in a photograph. Do your subject’s eyes appear as black holes? Is one side of their face completely in shadow? You can rectify those issues with professional lighting on location!

How to Make Money Online With Photographs

Do you have a passion for photography and have loads of photos, stored in your PC? You have the option to transform your hobby into a source of income and make money online from home with photographs. You just have to upload the images on websites which allow showcasing photographs by amateur photographers. The buyers are allowed to select from the thousands of photographs, available on the sites and if someone downloads your photo you can make money online from home with photographs.

Restoring Old Photographs in Photoshop

Until quite recently, restoring old pictures was to get a professional photograph restorer to do it for you. Those days are over, and nowadays, thanks to the miracle of digital imaging, you might be surprised to learn you can very easily do the work yourself. The essential tool which you require to do this job, is Adobe Photoshop.

A Few Excellent Backdrop Suggestions for Beauty Photographers in Leeds

A beauty photographer is always in search of outstanding backdrops that add value to the pictures he takes through his camera. The importance of an exotic backdrop cannot be neglected as a beautiful photo shot is not just the photograph of the primary object; it is the combination of both primary object and the backdrop.

Wedding Photography Should Be Magical!

Every bride and groom deserve to have beautiful wedding photographs to remember their magical day. The first step is finding the right wedding photographer for you, but before you start shopping around, you need to understand a bit about wedding photography and have a bit of an idea of what a photographer can do to create your magical wedding album.

Scott Collier Gives Some Fighting Talk

Scott Collier photographs white collar boxing in London’s most famous dance club. A day in the life of a very extraordinary shop.

Lighting Photography Techniques

Lighting techniques determine the overall result of your image and plays a critical role in revealing the texture and form of the subject. Understanding the light source is critical in photography. For photographers, natural and artificial light are two available sources.

Understanding the Basic Elements in a Photographic Background for a Perfect Photo Shoot

You had everything planned. The model is putting on her last accessories and her makeup looks great. Reflectors are properly set and your photographic gear is in optimal working condition. All is set and ready, still something is not right. Did you ever find yourself in such situation? I bet you did.

Stay At Home Income Through Photography

In today’s fragile economy, with the unemployment rate at a record high, there are many start-up ideas for stay at home income. It seems everywhere you turn another home based business is popping up. One of the most popular these days is a home based photographer.

The Future of Photography

Photography has changed leaps and bounds since the first photo was taken in 1826. Ever wonder where the future of photography lies? Read this compelling article from a professional photographer in the twenty-first century about her thoughts for the future of photography and what lies ahead for those who call photography their profession.

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