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What Makes a Photograph a Potrait – Printing and Finishing

In this final article about What Makes a Photograph a Portrait, we focus on the printing and finishing of the portrait. After all the planning, composing, and photography, then there’s the enhancements and artwork that go into turning a photograph into a genuine portrait. For all that work to be adequately realized, the right high quality media and printers must be used. Then a fine portrait should be finished and mounted in such a way that will preserve it’s beauty for generations.

Image Masking – Useful Info

Image masking is the art of using a PhotoShop software in removing the background of a picture. It’s one of the popular methods of editing a digital or analog photograph. It can be used for regular picture enhancement.

Image Editing – Useful Info

Image editing is the art of retouching or altering pictures to suit a particular format. The images can be digital photos, analog photos, illustrations, sketches and other forms of photographs.

Celebrities Go Mad For Party Photo Booths

If there’s one thing that more or less every celebrity will insist, it’s that they’re “just like us” and just like us mere mortals, the stars all love to party and take fun photos with their friends (who just happen to be other celebrities). Although most stars really resent being photographed on their days off, when they’ve dared to leave the house in their pyjamas and no make-up to get a pint of milk, they embrace being photographed when they’ve been made up to the nines and are having a great time at awards ceremonies and after parties.

Free Photography Courses – Digital Color Management

The best way to learn photography is different for each of us, but one thing is especially valuable– understanding its history. It is very important to understand the history of color photography, so that we can use Photoshop more effectively. You should finish this article with a clear understanding of what is required of today’s photographers to sustain realistic color.

What Makes a Photograph a Portrait – Composition

This article explains the importance of Composition to the creation of photographic portraits. Composition includes the subject and the environment and props. What do these elements say about the subject, and how does the composition create a feeling for the personality and mood of the subject?

The Use of Selective Focus in Portrait Photography

Differential or selective, focus is an extremely powerful in-camera technique that will help add finesse and style to your images. The effect is largely achieved with a combination of close focus, wide aperture and long lens (see below). Although a similar result can be created in Photoshop or similar photo editing software, it is long-winded and a lot more difficult to produce a natural looking image.

5 Ways to See How Good Your Family Portrait Photographer Is

Firstly it has to be noted that a good family portrait photographer will enable all your emotions and passion to be shown through the photograph. However there is a lot more to a photograph than to what meets the eye. There are other factors that can decide how good your experience with a specific photographer has been, and whether you would use them again.

What Makes a Photograph a Portrait – Planning, Preparation and Lighting

This article addresses the importance of Planning and Preparation in the process of creating a successful portrait. For photographic portraits Lighting is a Key element. Camera angles can also play into the perception of personality and mood in a portrait.

7 Great Benefits Of Using Photo Effects

A lot of people don’t agree with the use of photo effects, but even the most renowned specialists know that there are photo-shots that absolutely need such effects. The idea is not to completely change the photo-shot, but to add an element, remove an element or highlight one in order to transform a very good photo into a perfect one. Here are 7 reasons why the use of photo effects is a good idea.

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