Canon EOS R3: Live Panel Discussion featuring Keith Ladzinski

Pentax 35mm Standard Prime Lens Review

The Pentax 35mm is an extremely lightweight lens when compared to its counterparts. The lens is not only lightweight but is also extremely compact as well. The lens has been designed exclusively for Pentax APS-C Digital SLRs and provides a magnification of 1 to 1 ratio in normal focal lengths. The focal view provided by the lens equals to 52.5mm in 35mm format.

Cost vs Value of Commercial Photography

Organizations hiring professional photographers for taking photographs of the corporate premises and industrial setup, calculate the cost towards out sourcing the photographic assignment. They generally call for 3 or 4 quotes/proposals from the local or domestic professional photographers for the assignment. In case, of international projects, companies may rely on advertising agencies to co-ordinate the photo-shoot assignments.

Do You Need to Go to School to Land an Internship in Photography?

Are you wondering whether you need to go to school for an internship in photography? In this article you will learn the facts.

Getting An Excellent Digital Camera To Buy

With today’s technology always changing and new high-tech items developing, you may find yourself considering purchasing a new camera. In fact, cameras offer a wide array of capabilities and have several advantages over standard film based cameras. In this post, we are going to talk about tips on finding the best camera to buy.

A Handful Of Essential Photography Tips for Great Black and White Photographs

In this article, we will investigate a handful of essential photography tips pertaining to shooting in black and white. Black and white photographs generally are portrayed as a dramatic digital photography form as they definitely are inclined to share feelings that may not be accomplished in a color picture. As you’ll notice in this article, most of the photography tips for achieving good back and white photographs concentrate on subtlety, and ways to take advantage of the potential of light and shadows to draw out the specifics associated with your own subject.

Editing and Highlighting the Eyes in Portraits, Editorial and Fashion Photography Using Photoshop

Editing People’s Eyes using Photoshop can be an important task to make a photo look that much better. In this article I talk about some of the techniques I use as a fine art photographer specializing in fashion, children, weddings and more.

Saying Goodbye To Kodak

Saying goodbye to an old friend is never easy, saying goodbye to one that was apart of life for every photographer growing up is both sad and sobering for what it says about the future of photography. But Why? There have been many theories put forward about why Kodak now stands on the brink of filing bankruptcy.

Top Things To Consider When Shopping For Wildlife Photography Lenses

Wildlife photography lenses can mean a difference between high quality images and low quality shots. The lenses should possess the right zoom level to allow you to have a close-up shot of a herd of buffalo grazing or a mother lioness playing with her cubs. In addition to zoom capacity, you should also consider the price, focal length and stability when selecting photography lenses.

Photo Gifts – Choosing and Taking Pictures

There’s little more precious in this world than the treasured memories we hold of happy times spent and important events lived through. Photographs bring those memories to life.

Nikon 300mm F4 Lens – A Higher Quality of Telephoto Lens

Finding a professional super-telephoto lens can be a challenge when balancing cost and performance, but there are some lenses such as the Nikon 300mm F4 lens that sufficiently meet this demand. Nikon is known for its high-performance telephoto lenses and it stands to reason that this is the first brand to look at when shopping for a new lens.

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