Canon EOS R3: Canon’s Most Advanced Mirrorless Camera Yet! | Hands-on Review

What Makes a Documentary Wedding Photograph?

Wedding photography – and particularly the documentary image – takes up a great deal of my thinking time when I’m sat at my desk editing or reading on the internet. It’s a passion as well as a job so I’m quite often distracted by other photographers websites or getting involved in discussions on the various forums that cover the subject.

Five Habits of Successful Photographers

A lot of people flirt with idea of being a professional photographer, others just want to take better pictures as a hobby. Either one will require developing the habits that lead to better photography.

When Good Equipment Matters

If you go to a gathering of professional photographers, you’ll almost always see speedlites by Canon, Nikon and Quantum. When you visit a photography studio you’ll see floor lights by Bowens and Paul C. Buff.

Focus On What’s Important

Focus is one of the most critical factors in photography. Focus shifts the attention of the viewer to the part of the photo the photographer wants to emphasize and away from the background or less important elements of a scene. That’s one of the reasons the Lytro camera made such a big splash in photography, because you could selectively change the focus after taking the shot.

Food Photography Is Serious Business

One of the challenges in photography is making enough to keep eating. Eating is good and when you’re in the business it’s important to stay current with the trends and be constantly adding new revenue streams to your portfolio. One of those areas growing in popularity is food photography.

Pentax 55mm Lens Review – A Fast Normal Lens for Low Light Photography

The Pentax SMC DA*55mm f/1.4 SDM Prime Standard lens or simply known as the Pentax 55mm is a welcomed addition to Pentax’s new age lenses only designed for use in APS-C DSLR cameras. The lens has been designed for exclusive use in APS-C type of cameras and cannot be used with old body camera types. It is one of the latest lenses from Pentax and features wide range of extraordinary elements, which makes it a good addition to any professional’s bag.

A Review for Pentax 50mm 1.4 Lens – The Fastest Normal Lens for Pentax DSLR

The Pentax SMCP-FA 50mm f/1.4 lens, or simply known as the Pentax 50mm 1.4, is one of the most cheapest, smallest and lightweight lens around in the market. The lens is available at a very affordable price which has made it possible for amateurs and professionals to both make use of the lens. The lens weighs at just 7.8 ounces which is very lightweight considering other lenses available in the market. The smaller size makes it possible for a photographer to carry this lens everywhere and anywhere he wants.

A Review of The Pentax 43mm Lens

The Pentax FA 43mm f/1.9 Limited or simply the Pentax 43mm is one of the 4 original film series lenses still being manufactured. The lens also has the designation of being the first lens from Pentax to be labeled as Limited and remained in popular demand. The lens itself has a pancake design and like all pancake designs, it is extremely light and small in size.

The Pentax 40mm Review – Ultra Compact Prime Lens for Pentax DSLR

The Pentax DA 40mm f/2.8 Ultra Compact lens or simply known as Pentax 40mm lens has a solid construction, good image quality, light weight and small size. The pancake styled lens offers the best in sharpness and image quality. The lens is for photographers who want nothing but the best in image quality with an ultra compact design. The lens provides the user with the very best in high resolution and extra sharp and crisp images. It measures to just about 15mm in thickness.

Pentax 35mm Standard Prime Lens Review

The Pentax 35mm is an extremely lightweight lens when compared to its counterparts. The lens is not only lightweight but is also extremely compact as well. The lens has been designed exclusively for Pentax APS-C Digital SLRs and provides a magnification of 1 to 1 ratio in normal focal lengths. The focal view provided by the lens equals to 52.5mm in 35mm format.

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