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25 Essential Questions To Ask A Wedding Photographer

In this article, I will help those seeking out a wedding photographer to make better decisions and ask all the right questions to ensure the perfect match! Many of these questions are ones that you just would never think of! Have fun and good luck!

What To Consider When Choosing Between a Compact Digital Camera or a Bridge Camera

Over recent years there has been an explosion in the range of digital cameras. Although there has been a move away from ‘traditional’ type of compact cameras and Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) with the industry appearing to focusing a lot of development ‘compact system cameras’ (bridge camera). This has made it even harder to decide which digital camera is the best for the average consumer.

How to Succesfully Print a Photograph

“Is this Falcon?” said the somewhat befuddled voice on the other end of the line. I paused, a bit confused. After all, I had answered the phone as I always do: “This is Falcon, how may I help you?”

All You Need to Know About Finding Wedding Photographers for Your Big Day

Your wedding is supposed to be the most memorable day of your life, and this is why a lot of people spend time and money choosing a wedding photographer that is right for them. They do this with good reason: Weddings aren’t exactly cheap affairs – if you want to capture and keep those memories with you for the rest of your life, you’ll need a professional wedding photographer. This article will describe the role of a wedding photographer, how to find some and how to pick the best ones.

The Eye of a Photographer

The world looks different to a photographer than it does to everyone else. Why can a photographer capture flat images and turn them into art? The eye of a photographer sees light, details, shadows, highlights, shapes and how they interact with each other.

Best DSLR For Beginners – Could It Be A Canon Rebel T3i?

Looking for a digital SLR camera for beginners? This article is about what may be your answer: the Canon Rebel T3i.

A Close Look At The Sigma 70mm Macro

The Sigma 70mm Macro is a lens that is suitable for most cameras. I really like it because it is very easy to use and doesn’t require too big of an investment. Other lenses don’t offer so much quality, but they are still very expensive. With this lens, you get nothing but quality photos and easy picture taking. When you compare this lens to other lenses from Sigma, the 70mm Macro is really one of the best.

The Sigma 105mm Macro Lens Review

I have been a bird photographer for a couple of years now and have seen over a thousand different birds. Having my family members as photographers, it was necessary as a child to know what kind of cameras and lenses were the best. Being pretty much a professional bird photographer, I have tried almost every kind of camera and lens. Being a bird photographer, sometimes the lens blurs and doesn’t show the details of the bird’s feathers. Then I was starting to hear a lot of hype from friends and family, saying that the Sigma 105mm Macro is one of the best lens to buy and it is also not as expensive as other lenses. So then I decided to purchase the Sigma 105mm Macro and every picture I would take ever since I bought the lens would be so clear and defined. Back then when I didn’t have the Sigma my boss would constantly be angry with me, because the pictures wouldn’t be of good quality. Then, right after I purchased the Sigma 105mm Macro, my boss was astonished at how clear my pictures would be.

The Sigma 24mm 1.8 EX Lens Review

The Sigma 24mm 1.8 is a lens that is a part of the EX Lens Series. It takes pictures at such a fast rate that it’s very hard to tell when the photo is actually taken. The camera has many features that you don’t usually get in other cameras and the best part is that it doesn’t even cost too much.

Sigma 50mm Macro Is a Great Macro and Normal Lens

As a photographer, it is necessary to know what kind of cameras and lenses are the best. Most beginner photographers do not know that just because a lens or camera is expensive, it does not necessarily mean it is the best. Most of the very over priced lenses that I have purchased back then did not have great quality compared to Nikon’s Sigma 50mm Macro that I only bought for less than half a grand online. As a professional photographer I have seen such a drastic change in my photos, not only did my picture become sharper but it is also very clear.

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