Blend Modes Fully Explained! | PTH #15

A Picture Booth Can Liven Up Any Reception Or Party

A picture booth is a great way to ensure that your party or wedding reception is the most talked about function for years to come! Imagine being able to look through candid and fun pictures of your friends and family enjoying themselves at your party!

Bridal Preparations – Part 2

A guide to a contemporary approach to wedding photography. Aiming to give a strong narrative to the photography for the day.

Getting Ready and What You Will Need for Your First Art Show/Festival/Fair

You’re an artist and wish to start selling your artwork locally and are trying to figure out how? A great way to break into the scene, meet other artists, share ideas and get your artwork out there and seen is the local art fairs. This article will cover everything you will need to know about getting ready for your first art show from planning, to purchasing to everything else.

Canvas Prints for the Difficult Boyfriend

Buying gifts for your boyfriend can be terribly difficult, especially as you want to let him know that you really care. But the answer to your conundrum could be easier to find than you might think.

Digital SLR Photography: Equipment Choices

I can’t tell you how many times people have commented on one of my photographs by saying, “You must have some pretty expensive equipment to get that kind of picture!”  So goes one of the common mistakes made by people about making photographs.  Notice I said making, not taking, photographs.

My Favourite DSLR Lens

I’ve been photographing with a Canon DSLR camera for over 5 years now and have been lucky enough to use quite a number of different lenses over that time. Some of these I’ve owned while others I’ve either rented or borrowed from friends and family. In this article I’ll discuss my top 3 lenses and try and pick a favourite.

How Does Your Camera Work? Aperture

So by now you should know that your lens has a shutter that opens and closes to let in light, but this shutter fulfills another task as well. When you select an aperture setting, or f-stop, what you are doing is telling your shutter how large an opening you want. The larger the number you select – the bigger the opening in your shutter. The bigger the opening, the more light you are letting into your camera.

How Does a Landscape Photographer See Through a Camera?

The most important skill for a photographer to acquire is the ability to look at the landscape and visualize what the camera will record. A picture taken by different photographer will look different depending on the ability of the photographer to select and edit a landscape and understand how this happens.

How Product Photographers Turn 2D To 3D

There’s been a great deal of interest in the last few years in 3d technology, but for many more years product photographers have been busy implementing a range of clever techniques to turn flat, 2d items into 3d ones which stand out and grab attention. Often when small business working to tight budgets try to compile a catalogue, either for print or for the website, they decide that one area in which they can cut costs is by taking photographs of their products in house rather than employing the services of professional product photographers. In part this is due…

Photoshop Course: Be a Professional Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop is a very complex piece of software and without proper training, no one is able to operate it precisely. Adobe Photoshop training courses are very vital for having proper knowledge of handling and operating software either professionally or just editing some images. It is very useful software that helps users to edit their images and develop graphics as per their preferences for their websites.

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