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Who Is Involved In Producing A Photograph?

That’s a great photograph! Must be a great camera? Must be a great photographer? Well what else could it be? There are no other factors to consider, or are there. The question should more properly be not, ‘who took that photograph’ but ‘who made that photograph’?

Canon EOS-1D X Vs EOS-1D MK IV Camera Comparison

Now that the long awaited, Canon EOS-1D X camera has arrived in camera stores across the world, many photo enthusiasts often ask me whether I will be selling my EOS-1D MK IV after upgrading to the new camera. Let us refresh ourselves with their respective major specifications: EOS-1D X body – 18 MP sensor powered by dual Digic 5+ processors, 3.2 inch, 1040K dot LCD screen.

The Advantages of Modern Photo Printing Technology

Photo printing has certainly come a long way. From the days of the dark room to printing any picture at will, photographic printing can be availed of by every Tom, Dick and Harry. For canvas and large format printing jobs, you can check out picturexxl.

Compact Cameras Versus Digital SLR Cameras

What are the differences between SLR and DSLR cameras? How does a good photographer decide which type of camera to buy? In this article, I will describe some of the differences between DSLR and SLR cameras, as well as compact cameras to help you make a wise choice in deciding which type of camera to buy.

Setting Up a Studio for Your New Nikon D7100

The Nikon D7100 is a semi-pro camera. If you buy one, you will want to shoot like the best. How do you organize a home studio so that you can take those perfect pictures?

Improve Your Photography by Controlling Visual Flow

When seeing a picture, our vision flows obeying some order, in result we see one item first and another next. The regular order is called visual flow, which can be impacted by some factors. In composing a picture, if we can use factors to organize all factors intentionally, we will make an influence on viewers’ visual flow and thus help them better understand the spirit of the photo.

Benefits of a Professional Photographer

Nowadays many people are getting hooked on photography as a hobby or even as a profession. Because of photography’s interesting nature, people find it easy to get in love with it. Those people who already consider photography as a career, they cherish their passion because of the benefits it brings not only for leisure but for earning a living also.

Newborn Photographs: Finding the Right Photographer for You and Your Baby

Many new moms are hiring photographers to photograph their babies during the first few weeks of life. Here are some tips for finding the right photographer for you and your new baby.

Camera Tripod Parts You Need To Know

One important camera accessory worth investing in is the tripod. This tool gives you the stability and the right height to shoot your most desired subjects and scenery.

Photography Gifts for That Special Person in Your Life

It’s never easy to find the right photography gifts for your friends and loved ones. But here’s some great gift ideas for finding them something they would love to use…

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