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Travel Photography in the Real World

Many articles discuss the best practices for travel photography, and many of them, while providing worthwhile advice, tend not to take into account the fact that conditions are not always perfect for making photographs. The sky is not always blue, the crowds of tourists do not always clear a path for you to make your image, the light is not always perfect and you may not always have the latest gear. There are however some practices that you can put into place to help you create strong images when time is short and you can’t always wait for conditions to improve.

A Bride’s Makeup Is An Important Part Of Having Great Wedding Photos

When planning your wedding, you’re probably focusing on your dress, the food, the ceremony location, the flowers, and the entertainment. But it’s important to remember that your wedding day makeup is just as important as all of the other larger details. Every bride wants great wedding photos taken, and the makeup of the bride and bridesmaids can take the photos from great to spectacular.

Canon Digital Cameras – EOS Rebel T3 and Live View

Tips on using Live View with a Canon EOS Rebel T3 digital Camera. Live View is great for capturing video, but is it a useful tool for still photography?

Top 5 Props for Creative Photo Shoots

In order to produce original work and inspire your model to strike more creative poses, a couple of basic props can come very handy. Carefully selected props, apart adding movement and colour, will help an uneasy model if she is still somehow awkward with the hands and posing. I am pointing out five props that in my opinion every photographer should have around in a studio or with him on location.

Photoshop Vs Darkroom

The idea of actually putting effort into the taking of a photograph is not on the “to do” list of most people with a camera. By effort is meant to consider what you point the camera toward and think what may be the outcome. The idea of considering all the elements in front of your camera as part of the photograph seldom bothers the contemporary photographer.

Various Advantages of Green Screen Studio

Green screen technology or Chroma Key is a technique which helps in compositing pictures or various frames into one in which the color of one object is hidden so that the color of another object gets enhanced. So the object in front made transparent in order to make the object behind, visible. This process is popularly recognized as the color separation overlay.

Photography Community Study

This article is a case study of the popular photography community. Communities are created to help inform and gather knowledge for a specific purpose such as a hobby or profession. Many photographers will land on this community when they are hobbiest and will turn their hobby into a business by following the articles and forums provided by the community. The community also seems like a great way to promote small photography business and create new contacts.

Types of Panoramic Photography

I think the Panoramic Photography can be classified into 3 types: the cylindrical, spherical and planar Panoramic Photography. And the cylindrical panorama includes inner-cylinder and outer-cylinder panorama. The shooting technique of the cylindrical-panorama involves 3 methods: horizontal method, vertical method and oblique method. And the spherical panorama includes inner-sphere and outer-sphere panorama.

Wedding Photography Tips – How to Take Great Table Shots

One of a photographer’s least favorite types of pictures to take at a wedding is the table shot, the pictures of the guests at each table at a wedding reception. This is because it is hard to get everyone from a table organized, and it does not have the artistry of other photos at a wedding. But this does not mean they aren’t important or you don’t have to put much effort into them. On the contrary, these table shots are popular with wedding couples because they are a testament of who attended their special day. Moreover, for many guests who are on the fringe, that is who are not family or close friends of the wedding couple; this may be the only shot of them from the entire wedding. As I said above, chances are these are not going to be your most artistic shots of the night. The important thing in these pictures is that everyone is present, visible, in focus, and looks all right. In this article I am going to give you a few tips on how to make these shots turn out as nice as possible.

Troubleshooting ROES Retail

This article will outline how to troubleshoot ROES retail, particularly how to make sure that Java is installed and updated on your computer. I will include troubleshooting tips for both PCs and Macs.

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