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SAL-135F18Z – A 135mm Combination of Sony and Carl Zeiss

The SAL-135F18Z is one type of telephoto lens which is able to capture images which are a few inches or several miles away. The lens has one of the widest apertures and allows you to take good quality pictures. When it is fully open, the aperture is f/1.8 and therefore, you’ll get ultra-bright images. The lens works together with the Super Steady Shot Image Stabilization system to offer superb sharpness. You can use the SAL-135F18Z when you are using a hand-held camera and it works well even when the light is limited.

The Sony 85mm Lens Review

The Sony 85mm is not a standard lens. This lens is based on classic models which were popular among photographers because of their pictorial qualities and speed. The lens is able to offer consistent performance every time even when you are using different imaging ratios. The older models were popular for their sharpness but they were susceptible to flares and this is one of the aspects that have been changed in the Sony 85mm lens.

Taking Great Band Photography Shots

For a band, great photographs are a necessity. They are one of the most important tools in spreading the band image, increasing fan awareness, and promotion of new music. This makes band photography sessions even more important than regular photography.

SEL1855 – Sony 18-55mm Lens Review for Sony NEX Camera

The SEL1855 is a lightweight interchangeable lens from Sony. The lens has manual, autofocus as well as silent auto focusing feature which makes it a unique model. It is a standard lens for Sony NEX camera and it offers 18-55mm zoom range. The optical quality on this lens is impressive and therefore, you do not have to change it each time a new model is introduced in the market. It also has reduced chromatic aberration so it is able to produce very sharp images.

Sony 11-18mm Review – Sony’s Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Cropped Sensor DSLR

The Sony 11-18mm lens is designed for wide shooting and therefore it is suitable if you usually take pictures of crowds and interior spaces. It is able to focus very fast and it can zoom from a variety of angles including wide-angle and super-wide angle. The lens is a great option for interior scenes because it is flexible and can handle fast action in environments which are closed. It is best suited for landscape photography but it can also be used for general purpose photography.

SAL-100M28 – Sony 100mm Macro Lens Review

The SAL-100M28 is one of the Sony lenses which allow you to get very close to tiny objects when taking pictures. It is able to produce professional results in diverse shooting situations. The lens captures nature subjects in different ranges and it works with Sony’s advanced image Stabilization system. Therefore, it is able to capture steady and bright images even when you are working in limited light. This is one of the micro lenses which are designed by Sony. The lens measures three inches in diameter and it is 4 inches long. It weighs about one pound and two ounces.

SAL-30M28 – Sony’s Sharp and Light Macro Lens

The SAL-30M28 is one of the lenses which have been designed with small objects in mind. This lens makes it possible to focus on objects which are at close range. It has an autofocus motor integrated into it and this allows you to convert simple images into great art. The lens has a 30mm focal length which is equivalent to 45mm in the full format equivalent which is considered a normal focal length. It also has macro range optical features which is one of the unique aspects of the lens.

Sony 18-55mm Lens Review – A Small and Sharp Kit Lens

The Sony 18-55mm lens is designed for general purpose use if you have a Sony Alpha series DSLR. Its focusing length is between 27mm and 82.5mm on the 35mm format equivalent. It has both wide-angle and mid-range telephoto shooting. This lens also has a Smooth Autofocus Motor which functions very well with the Alpha DSLR camera. It is not suitable for shooting large posters but its aperture works well with small ones. One of the impressive features on the Sony 18-55mm lens is that it free of purple fringing.

The Sony 50mm Macro Lens Review

The Sony 50mm Macro is a suitable option for photographers who needs to shoot close ups of tiny objects. This lens has been designed to capture subtle details with a lot of clarity. It offers full range focus and therefore it is possible to capture both full size and minute objects with ease. This means that you can get great pictures of flowers, insects and gemstones.

Experienced Digital Photography Tips

While any amateur can take a photograph, in order for you to become a good photographer, you need to invest some time and put in some effort in order for you get to a professional level or even for you to be able to take good quality pictures. With good photography skills, photography becomes a wonderful pastime activity that you and all your friends and family will enjoy for life. While it may appear to be a bit daunting when you are just starting out in this game, by following a few digital photography tips, you can become a good…

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