Better DUAL LIGHTING Effect In Photoshop [Total Control]

Boudoir Photography Tips For The First-Timers

Are you familiar with Boudoir photography? Many people actually want to try this type of photography but they are just too shy to do sexy poses. However, there are also some people who have become so fascinated with Boudoir because they can be confident with their body and they get to wear sexy clothes which they do not usually wear on a typical day.

3 Important Benefits Of Restoring Old Photographs

You may have a number of old photographs stored away somewhere in a cupboard or attic, which you hardly look at primarily because they may be faded, torn or have some other physical damage such as stains or scratches. With the breakthroughs in technology and especially the quality of professional scanners and photo editing software, restoring old photographs digitally has now become a highly sought after service.

Developing Your Confidence In Photography

You have an urge to tap into your creativity and you have invested in a decent camera. The next step is to start shooting, but how can you develop a sense that your pictures are worth sharing? How can you develop confidence in your results?

Can a Photograph Ever Be Perfect?

Many beginner-photographers are discouraged by their attempts to achieve a perfect photograph. But how achieveable is perfection? And in truth, how desirable is it?

Are You The Sort Of Person That Goes On A Photography Workshop?

What sort of person does go on a photography workshop? The answer cannot be a simple one as people are not simple.

Starting Out in Photography – How Much Photographers Get Paid

Those turning to professional photography for a new career need to think about many factors when setting their fees. How much should a new photographer expect to get paid?

Why Preserve and Share Memories by Way of Photographs

As technology has been making major progress it has become possible for people to store all their memories by way of photo scanning and DVD’s. The concept of digital space has become affordable over the years and people have been resorting to scanning their pictures at high resolution and storing the same.

Cherish Your Memories Forever

Every special occasion becomes a memory and every memory should to be captured by the lens of a camera so that it can be preserved and enjoyed for years to come.But what happens when the photographs get spoilt with time? Wouldn’t it be too disheartening?

Shoot for the Moon – Tips on Photographing the Moon

If care is not taken when photographing the moon it is likely that you will get either an overly dark photo, a moon that looks like the sun, a very small moon, or all the above. I would like to offer some tips on a different strategy for making compelling moon photographs. So lets first discuss why it is so difficult to photograph the moon.

Top Ten Things to Look for in a Family Photographer

Your going to find out what to ask yourself and the photographer before booking a family portrait. Here are my top ten tips.

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