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Breathtaking Canvas Prints in 3 Easy Steps

Sometimes we need to show off our inventive side. Whether it’s our paintings, our family photos or our kid’s drawings, it is high time that we create energetic, vivid pieces of art to be displayed in all their glory in our homes. Follow these 3 simple steps to create fabulous photos on canvas that will become your most treasured family heirlooms. Your very own snaps can and will be transformed into breathtaking canvas prints to add fun and dynamism to your home!

Free Backgrounds and Textures

Backgrounds and textures can be an awesome way to enhance your design and graphic art. Whether you’re looking for CG Textures, a background for a web page, something to give your graphic art real depth or just nice wallpaper for your PC, there are many thousands of free textures available from the many sites providing them.

Stunning Wall Art With Photo Collage

Photo collage gives you purely limitless personalisation, because you will have absolute freedom to use any number of photos you want! Let your photos do the talking and tell the story of your kids’ childhood or the fantastic times you and your partner have spent together. Let their laughter liven up the living room!

The Mentality Needed to Have a Flourishing Career in Photojournalism

Photojournalism is a specialty craft that needs not only a good education but the right mindset. The art of this craft started almost 200 years ago with the invention of the camera. As the device improved and spread throughout Europe and then…

Tricks Of The Trade Used By Advertising Photographers: Furniture

Professional advertising photographers know a staggering number of tricks of the trade. It’s essential that they do because in many cases huge sums of money are dependent on the products selling in anything like the expected number. Product photographers hold a critical position within any business’s retail plan, and as far as the consumer is concerned, consciously or unconsciously the photograph is often the most critical factor in any decision to either buy the product or at least find out more.

7 Tips on Photography

If you’re new to photography and looking for some simple tips and tricks to get your photos looking better, this article will give you 7 tips on photography! These tips are all compositional based and help you use your “eye” more when taking photos.

The Truth About Becoming a Professional Photographer

No amount of high end digital SLR cameras, expensive lenses and top of the range photographic accessories will make you a professional photographer, just as buying paints doesn’t make you an artist. You become a professional photographer when you make a living from taking photographs. This doesn’t make you any more talented than an enthusiastic amateur; it simply means that people are paying you.

4 Reasons Why You Need a Reflector for a Photo Shoot – There Is More to It Than Just a Reflector

A reflector purely makes your photographic life much easier. Do you possess a reflector or maybe you are planning to buy one? Hereunder I have listed for you the advantages of working with a reflector when doing outdoor photo shoots. There is more to it than just reflecting light.

What You Need To Know Before Photographing A Wedding

Professionals starting out and amateurs who have been asked to photograph their first wedding will want to know: what is the bare minimum of equipment I will need? If shooting in film, use professional 35mm equipment and know it inside out. If you wish to use a modern, digital camera, buy or rent a good DSLR (i.e. digital SLR). This will have superior image quality to a point and shoot compact, as well as higher resolution.

What Panoramic Canvas Can Say About You

Picture a beach. Got one? Panoramic canvas depicting a beach scene looking out onto a beautiful Mediterranean sea from the perspective of the sand or coastline could point to a dreamer and an adventurous person who is ambitious. But an image looking at the beach from the sea could suggest someone who wants some security or wants to feel a little more settled in life. Whilst experts are still trying to pin down the science of colour, you can be sure to enhance your home decor with fabulous panoramic canvas of your favourite photos.

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