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Commercial Photography

A popular and common commercial photography assignment undertaken by professional photographers is wedding photography. Generally, this involves covering not just the wedding day events but other important rituals and functions preceding the wedding day.

Exploring Macro and Close-Up Photography

No matter where you are right this moment there is a macro subject within five or six feet. Photographers that pursue macro photography can find endless inspiration and eatils all around us.

Life in Afghanistan, Up Close!

AINA, Afghanistan’s only independent photo agency, and the Embassy of Canada’s photography workshop that enabled 32 ordinary citizens of Afghanistan to photograph their world is one of those special occasions where science and emotion become one. Today, the camera isn’t what it used to be. Neither are photos looked in the same hallowed light they were viewed in decades ago.

How to Dramatically Improve Your Digital Photos

Buying the right digital camera is a great first step to creating great photos. Adding these two additional practices will really get your photos into the WOW! category.

So You Want to Be a Wedding Photographer? Learn All You Need to Know (Well Almost)

Okay, so you have decided that you want to be a photographer and what’s more you have decided to be a wedding photographer. You might have come to this conclusion after years of practising photography and finally settling on a niche or you might have just done a friend a favour and photographed their wedding and thought that it was an enjoyable, easy way to make some money. What ever way you have arrived at your decision, I will try to run through things that you can do to make your career a success.

Overexposed In The Photo Shop

A really quick sketch of camera development history and how rapidly we have forgotten what was the only alternative in photo making only 15 years ago. Taking pictures is a recent science and the original technology has been essentially replaced in the last few years.

Canvas Print From Photo – What Will You Get?

Photos on canvas are all the rage and well they should be. If you have not seen one up close and personal yet, you need to. Canvas lends an ambiance, if you will, to photographs like no paper can. Canvas brings the image to life…gives it character…depth…a type of energy. I apologize to the purists out there who believe that nothing is better than fine, quality photo paper. Canvas steps on their toes in this regard. Not intentional but true…

Nature Photography: Walking in the Wilderness for Photographic Reward

It is such an obvious statement that it almost redundant to say it, but if you want to photograph landscapes, wilderness, mountain sunsets and so on, then you are going to have to pack your gear and walk for hours or days, just to get into location — i.e., composition, exposure settings and camera gear are your second most important task! The reason I mention this obvious sounding statement is to emphasise that wilderness and landscape pictures do not take themselves.

How to Take Good Real Estate Photography

Taking beautiful Real Estate photography takes more than just a shoot and point camera – it requires dedicated SLR camera equipment, a tripod, and Photoshop skills. Firstly the house needs to be lighted by natural interior house lighting, not by camera equipment lighting. All the lights in the house should be turned on to properly show the details of the house.

How to Get Shallow Depth of Field

Shallow depth of field gives your photos a professional quality that distinguishes your work from the amateurs, and allows more artistic choices. This article will show you how to create that effect in-camera, instead of relying on fake-looking digital enhancements. Add charisma and professionalism to your photos with just a few easy steps!

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