Audio-Technica 3000 Series 4th Generation Wireless Microphone System

The Long and Short on Fast Exposure

When it comes to freezing action seamlessly, nothing beats fast exposure to get the job done in one easy click of your digital camera. Usually utilized in dramatic shots aimed at seeing things that we can’t normally see at normal exposure settings, you’re sure to get some very interesting images once you learn how to master this rather tricky photography style.

Wrong Question: What Is the Best Camera to Buy?

One of the most common photography related searches on Google is “What is the Best Camera to buy?” That might not be the best question to ask because the best camera for you might not be the best camera for me, and vice versa.

Photography And Cinema

The article will let you know about the dramatics world which basically includes “Cinema.” The actual inner core of the world of entertainment. Apart from cinemas, photography is also inter-linked with it.

Tips On Successful Photo Printing At Home

With the dawn of digital camera and compact photo printers, everyone interested has turned into a shutterbug collecting albums of well-taken shots of different images. Thanks to technology for the invention of these tools and all we need to know by now are the effective tips on printing at home. Shared here are the most basic ones to observe for achieving best results from this do-it-yourself task.

Photography Is Not Always Convenient

It’s good to keep in mind that every time you show up at an accident scene, a house fire, a war, or other natural disaster that impacts large numbers of people, someone is having the worst day of their life. The last thing they want right at that moment is someone sticking a camera in their face. Yet it is at those very moments, the times people feel least like being photographed, that frequently provide the most compelling and moving images.

Three New Trends In Professional Photography

Maybe it’s the influence of reality TV, but it seems like more people are employing a professional photographer or videographer to document activities of their day to day lives. No matter how ubiquitous digital cameras become, it seems like society is always thinking up new work for someone dedicated to taking amazing photos. And, as long as it pays, it’s unlikely anyone on our side of the transaction is going to complain.

Five Wedding Contract Clauses You Didn’t Know You Could Get

For people new to the business of photography it’s not unusual for wedding photography to be one of the first steps in that journey. There are more cameras at weddings these days than you’ll find at most press conferences. Yet, even with all the coverage, the majority of brides opt for a professional photographer, some more than one.

Photography Advice I Would Have Given My Younger Self

People come to the business of photography for a variety of reasons and through different pathways. As you get older you see things more clearly and your approach to the business changes. At some point we all wish we could go back in time and tell our younger selves how to avoid mistakes we made in our younger years. In that regard photography is no different and the mistakes of youth are surprisingly consistent.

Learning To Go Lightly On Post Processing

Products like Photoshop, GIMP, LightRoom and AfterShot Pro are amazing in the functionality they deliver and the power to manipulate images. Background elements from one photo can be extracted and placed into another photo; people can be added, removed, or altered. With some of the newer software products it’s possible to create photorealistic images out of nothing.

Basic Photography – Get to Know Your Camera Better

Many problems can be avoided if you get to know your camera better. When you buy a car, new or used, one of the first things you do is to find all the control buttons so you can safely and comfortably operate the vehicle. For some reason, many of us don’t do the same when we buy a camera.

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