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The Three Factors of Light in Photography

The three most important factors to control to get the right exposure on a digital camera can be mastered with practice but only after you understand them. Let me show you how to understand the concepts and put them into practice on you camera.

Photography – Working With a DSLR Camera’s RAW Format

If you own and shoot using a DSLR then you should be shooting in RAW. RAW is the native format that your camera stores information as. Even if you shoot in JPEG mode, your camera will still shoot in RAW, convert to JPEG and then discard the information left over. This means that a RAW image can be up to four times the size of a JPEG image, but that extra information can be priceless. Since I began shooting in RAW, the results of my photos have been outstanding.

How to Understand the Histogram on Your Camera

One of the great aspects of DSLRs is the histogram feature that can be set to appear each time you take a photograph. Most people either do not know about this feature, or do not understand what the information presented means, but for one who does know, it can present very useful knowledge as to how your photo has been taken. If you know how to read a histogram, you will instantly be able to know whether the image you have has been under exposed, over exposed or is at the correct exposure.

Composition Tips For Outstanding Photography

You don’t need a top of the range DSLR camera to take great and interesting shots. A Canon Powershot SD1400 IS can be all you need to take great shots. What you do need is an understanding of some basic composition and an eye for the unusual.

How to Add Randomness With Point and Shoot Cameras

As a budding photographer, I always carry a camera with me, even if it’s just a camera phone. However, I do prefer to carry my Canon S95 if I can’t take my DSLR with me, as it’s a great point and shoot, fits into my pocket nicely and always ready when needed. My camera phone is ok, but it’s not as flexible as a proper dedicated camera, but as a last resort, it’s ok.

How to Photograph a Scene When Contrasts Are Too Great for Your Camera

One of the biggest struggles with photography is taking photos of scenes which have a great deal of brightness in one area of the image, and too much darkness in other parts of it. Because our eyes are much more complex and advanced than cameras, we can make the adjustments easily. For cameras, it is more complex, and one of the most effective ways around this is to take several images at differing exposures and merge them altogether.

Steps In Taking Photos During Winter

Some people don’t find it very comfortable photographing outdoor scenes during the cold winter season. It’s understandable if they feel this way because after all, who would want to stay long outside when the weather is freezing?

The New Nikon D600 Gives Us Clues About the Forthcoming D5200

The New Nikon D600 has just been launched. What clues does it hold for those of us who are waiting for the D5200 to come out?

Street Photography

The whole point of street photography is documenting what is happening before your very eyes, a situation perhaps that is playing out in front of you at that very moment. Being alert about everything going on around you so you can be quick enough to get that shot; because you’ll never get that same shot twice.

Wedding Photography – Before, During and After!

Wedding photography needn’t be just about the reception and the ceremony. In fact, the documentation of your wedding can start as early as your engagement! Speak to your wedding photographer to see if you can negotiate a package to include some of the other important moments in the run up to your wedding, and even on your honeymoon.

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