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What Are My Photographic Intentions? Ideas to Motivate Your Creative Side

Intention. It’s defined as an aim that guides action; an objective. It’s much easier to know HOW to shoot or compose a particular scene if you know the intention of what you are going to do with the photograph.

5 Free Things You Can Do to Be a Bad Professional Photographer

In stark contrast to many online forum communities, it just doesn’t matter if you shoot with a Nikon D700 or a Canon 5d Markii. Both cameras are excellent DSLR camera bodies. And equally, all that hard earned money you saved and ponied up for your luxury glass, could very well be for nothing.

Beginning Photography

I remember my first beginning photography class. It was around 1996 at the community college. Digital cameras were just starting to make their way onto the market. Back then, everything was done on film. Learning what the settings on the dial meant, learning composition and then finally developing my own film was exciting and each week, I could not wait to get back to class.

Choosing The Best Wide Angle Lens For Amazing Photography

Professional photographers know the power that some of the best wide angle lens can provide in terms of being able to take shots which have wide views. Typically, three factors will determine your image quality; the photographer, camera and the lens being used.

Make Money From Photos

I used to be someone who always looked at photographers and honestly, got a bit jealous. I always wanted to be able to take great pictures like those guys. I wanted to be able to put up my fantastic shots on the wall of my home.

How To Shoot A Wedding Without Losing Your Head

When I was hired to shoot my first wedding last summer I was excited, then scared, then downright terrified… You can almost imagine the plethora of thoughts that ran through my head…

Choosing a Videographer for Your Wedding Video

A wedding is one of the most precious and memorable days in most people’s life. To make these memories remembered for a lifetime, there is no better way but to create a wedding video that captures all the special moments of your wedding day for you to cherish forever. Whether you have had a grand wedding in Montreal or an intimate nuptial gathering in the Caribbean, your wedding video will serve as one of the most everlasting souvenirs of your big day. A perfectly captured wedding video will speak volumes about your personality and the tone of your special day, and will be an entertaining and emotional way to re-live that special momentous occasion with your friends and family.

5 Helpful Tips in Taking an Amazing Baby Shots

Every parent will be so proud for having a baby. Babies are the most precious gift given by God to every couple. Everybody is so excited when the mother gave birth.

Don’t Let Misconceptions Snatch The Maternity Photography Pleasure

In our society, there are many misconceptions that check thousands of couples to enjoy the lifelong pleasure of maternity photography. If you are firm determined to take it with whole heart, most of the misconceptions will eliminate themselves. Other self made barriers can be crushed by visiting relevant sites or reading books.

Shed Your Worries To Make Maternity Photography Impressive

Many couples don’t enjoy the maternity photography sessions in full color because of many worries in mind. If you want the natural instinct in the maternity photographs, attend the sessions after shedding all the worries. If you plan professionally prior to search of the photographer, you will certainly get better results.

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