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Benefits Of Using Photography Deals Sites

Photography enthusiasts searching for great deals on their favorite gear and accessories have something to look forward to these days. They don’t need to go to a brick and mortar store just to find out what’s new on the market. By staying at home, they can shop online through the various websites that offer photographic equipment and accessories at great prices.

Photo Tip – Master The “Loop Lighting” Pattern For Portrait Photography

An easy and very flattering portrait photography lighting pattern is the “loop lighting” pattern. Here is what it is and how to master it…

11 Tips and Tricks For Group Photos at Your Wedding

Though you may have gotten to know your photographer and vice versa, it is not likely that your photographer knows your family much or at all. The larger the wedding, the more difficult this becomes for your photographer when it comes to group shots. I always try to get to know the parents of the bride and groom, but memorizing many more names than that can get hairy. If you are getting married or know someone who is planning their wedding, these tips will help you to achieve better group photos with your closest family and friends.

Making Old Photos Come To Life With Negative Scanning

If you have a lot of old negatives that you’re not sure what to do with and perhaps aren’t sure of the content of, perhaps getting them digitised is the answer. Companies that provide negative scanning can usually do it quickly, accurately and at low costs.

How To Gain Projects For Your Photography Business

Summer is here and it’s a great time to be involved in worthy projects in your community. This is one way of sharing your skills and earning an income at the same time.

Compare Canon Rebel T3i VS T4i

Canon has released the newest Rebel. The Canon Rebel T4i has been upgraded in several areas, but is the price worth it, or should you get the older, cheaper T3i?

How To Choose An Entry Level DSLR

People who own a point and shoot camera eventually want to move to having a DSLR. Other reasons could be you want clearer images, you want more control over your camera or you want to become a professional photographer.

Photo Tip – How To Use The Portrait Photography Catch Light!

One of the most vital photo tips is to include a catch light in all your portrait photography. Here is why…

Photo Tip – Using Short Light And Broad Light Patterns In Your Portrait Photography!

The position of your light in relation to the model and the camera can make a huge difference in your portrait photography. Today’s photo tip explains two of the most used lighting patterns. And why we use them!

Photography Depth of Field Explained

Clear and concise description of the meaning of depth of field in photography. Explanation of how different settings on your camera lens will allow more or less of your photographs to be sharp and in focus.

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