An Interview with Jonathan Mannion

Why I Am Going Back to Film Photography

I recently came across some photos (prints) taken when we first moved into our current home. I had forgotten exactly what the house was like, and I enjoyed looking at these pictures. They made me realise that the digital age has (for me certainly, and many others possibly) crushed the joy, and artistry of photography.

Analyzing the Effect of Composition in Photography

The only possible general conclusion concerning composition in photography is that circumstances alter cases. Rules should act not as restrictions but as guides that will assist you more often than not. If there are good enough reasons to break them, you should do so without qualms. No rule should be followed without question. You should be looking for reasons to make exceptions even while applying rules.

Continuing Education In Photography

One of the hallmarks of professional photographers is that you’ll find them constantly going back to school. They’ll also be involved in a local guild or professional association. In fact, they’ll be involved in just about any activity that gets them involved with other photographers and out shooting pictures for assignments or group projects. Besides that, you’ll find them participating in and leading photo walks on their day off.

Manual Vs Automatic Shooting

Manual verses automatic shooting is a topic that burns brightly in photography with strongly held opinions both ways. The difficulty in this topic is that there is no right answer. Whether you shoot manual, automatic or some compromise setting in between, there will always be someone else telling you that what you’re doing isn’t right. It can be both confusing and frustrating for those new to photography, so lets look at both sides of the issue.

Lighting and Lenses

It’s one of the unfortunate ironies of the business of photography that the two most important elements in getting great photographs are, for most budding photographers, the least interesting. The key to any good photo is lighting. Certainly in these days of Photoshop and Lightroom 4 you can take otherwise average pictures and make them better with high tech wizardry, but to consistently get great photos and to get consistently high enough quality to make money from photography, you have to be a lighting wizard.

Camera Phones Taking Over Market Segments

If you check the camera statistics on almost any photo sharing site these days, the top camera will inevitably be the iPhone 4S. People are taking more photos with their cell phones than any other type of camera. In hindsight the trend makes perfect sense; people are more likely to use the camera they have with them and, for most people, that’s the one in their phone. Even though the quality may not rival even the most basic point-and-shoot camera, the convenience factor covers a multitude of minor issues with the image quality.

Paid Talent Vs TFP

In case you’re not familiar with the term, TFP stands for Time For Prints and it’s generally the way up and coming models and up and coming photographers eek out a toe-hold in the marketplace. The model is donating his or her time and the photographer supplying prints they can use in their portfolio. It’s an arrangement that’s been around as long as photography.

It’s All About The Light

The video business has one issue in common with still photography in that one of the most important subjects is frequently the most neglected. Professional videographer, Bill Pryor, says, “Ninety percent of great video is great lighting, and yet the online lighting forums are frequently the least utilized.”

Wedding Photography and Photographers Shooting Weddings

A wedding day is one of the most important days in any couples life. It is a day that the bride has dreamed about since she was a little girl. The Bride and Groom have been planning this day for the last year. Maybe less maybe more.

Making Great Portraits for Your Kids

How to get great pictures from your kids using natural light and simple lenses. Changing the perspective of the image and the location of the subject within the frame can add an interest to the photo. Keeping this fun and light will keep the photography fun and enjoyable.

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