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Who Still Makes Film Cameras?

I am sure that anyone interested in collecting of using film cameras will occasionally wonder if anyone still makes film cameras today. This article aims to answer that question (as of September 2014).

Wildlife Stock Photos – Boost Your Content Using the Best

Wildlife stock photos are available in various sizes and categories. Choose what you want and use them to better your content. UltimatStock is one such website offering wildlife vector illustrations, royalty free wildlife photos and much more.

Choose the Best Wedding Photographers by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

The perfect wedding day to most women is a beautiful wedding ring, a brand-new surname and the most perfect man. Everything about the wedding day is planned and decided well in advance including the venue, the dishes for guests and the even the band playing the most romantic songs.

The Hottest Camera Names in the History of Photography

There have been many different camera brand names throughout the history of photography, but a small few have been recycled, borrowed, leased, licensed, and generally fought-over. This is a short story of some of the most iconic camera names, and their inter-relationships.

Online Photography Courses Train Successful Wedding Photographers

Have you always loved looking at pictures of weddings? When you see a bridal party, do you stop and imagine yourself with a camera in your hand? If so, then you should follow that dream and become a wedding photographer. It doesn’t take years of schooling. In fact, online photography courses can train you in wedding photography in less than a month if you have some previous knowledge about cameras. If not, it may take a couple months, but that’s not much time to invest in training for a new career.

Easy Ways to Learn Photography At Home

There are many ways to learn photography, but they all too often can feel out of reach. For example, taking a class at the local university can be expensive and time consuming.

The Fastest Way to Improve Your Photography Skills

Receiving a new camera as a birthday or Christmas gift can be a thrilling moment. Suddenly thrust into a new world with strange words like “aperture,” “ISO,” and “shutter speed” can quickly deflate the joy found in the new camera.

Is the Pentax K1000 Really the Best Student Camera?

The 35mm SLR film camera most commonly recommended for photography students is without doubt the Pentax K1000. It is a camera with all the necessary features and nothing more. Demand for cameras is high, and so is the typical cost of a K1000, but there are numerous more affordable alternatives, many of which are better cameras. This article details some viable alternatives to the ubiquitous Pentax model.

8 Steps To Take Before Your Headshot Shoot – Tips From A Photo Retoucher

A photo retoucher gives advice on how to prepare for your headshot shoot so that you can look your best. Knowing what can and can’t be fixed with retouching will help actors get the most out of their shoot!

Photography – Knowing Lighting Ratios

The basic elements of studio photography comprise of finding the exposure and having the necessary skills of working with shadows. Here is a rundown that tells about lighting ratios, position lights and make use of shadows to be able to design the look of studio images.

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