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Digital Technology Has Expanded The Field Of Portrait Photography

Modern day photography allows us to capture a person’s beauty through photographic portraits. That process used to be very difficult to complete.

Photography – Hip Shooting

Hip shooting, which was named after gun fighting, is a photographic style described as shooting photographs from waist level without using the viewfinder of the camera to centralize the subject. This is a learned technique and can be very hit or miss while you are learning it. However, once you have the skill mastered, you will usually have some amazing photographs.

Glass, Glass, and More Glass

If you’re the proud owner of an amazing point and shoot style camera, this article might only be of informational value to you. But if you’ve got either a film or digital SLR camera you’ve already been confronted with the sometimes dizzying array of lens choices. Do you want ultra-wide angle, super fast action, or detailed macro prime glass?

Equipment You Will Need to Be a Photographer

Photography is an art and it is not all about the cameras and flashes. In fact there are lots more equipment requires and the professional photographers are aware of that. In search of a good shot they need tripods, light meters, filters and not to forget the lenses as well.

How to Select the Best Photoshop Tutorials

Digital photo editing is today’s equivalent of dark room and it is an essential part of photographic process. This is why any person serious about their photos need to have skills to edit their work. But photo editing software can be complicated to use so it is quite often necessary to seek help in the form of tutorials. There are hundreds of them available on the market. Some are web based courses, other are classes you have to attend in person. Majority of them is expensive, so it is essential to choose wisely. Here are some things to consider before committing to any course.

The Photographer Who Takes Dog Portraits For A Living

It’s a rare dog that does not, at the most inconvenient times, behave like a human being. It’s rare that a dog does not act human at the most inconvenient times.It’s not unusual to see a dog behave like a human, usually during inconvenient times.

How to Prepare Your Photo Equipment for a Holiday

We need to start thinking about images a long time before we go for holiday. First of all, knowing where and when we go, we need to rethink the equipment, which we intend to take. When you want to spend two weeks in Egypt on the Red Sea and you intend to spend most of this time in warm seas, probably you will need underwater housing, as well as a way of securing equipment from sand on the beach.

5 Must-Have Features For Your Next Point and Shoot Camera

Whether you are a professional photographer, a serious amateur, or just a mom who wants to take pictures of the kids – we all need a good point and shoot camera from time to time. But how much camera do we need for each situation?

Why You Need To Hire A Professional Photographer

Do you know anyone that fancies themselves as a good photographer? Maybe someone that has all the latest gadgets and equipment, but just can’t seem to take a good clear picture to save their life. After reading this article, you will understand why you should hire a professional photographer for those very special moments in your life.

Top Photo Contests Anyone Can Join

If actors crave the recognition they get from awards and writers from the number of sales their book generates, photographers want the approval of their peers in the photography community. It is not surprising then that there are a number of prestigious photography contests out there. Each one of these typically receives a lot of stunning photographic works of art.

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